For love, life and Unity. Tarrah's Music brings hope and Good News. The whole world is her audience!

Tarrah's is one of the world's fast rising gospel AfroSoul sensation.
Her voice brings peace and joy to the heart of mankind. Her music is all about spreading the good news!!!

This Page brings you into the world of Tarrah's musical journey to impact the world with the good news of Joy, Peace, Love, Friendship and Family in exchange for the daily bad news of Sadness, War & Terror, Hatred, Divisions and Break-Ups.

If you appreciate good Music, you're Welcome, Tarrah is Soulfully yours!

Robbers came to our house 17years ago. The

front door was Left open and they walked in

with their guns pointed, asking everyone to get

on the floor. As I was later told, my dad was

eating freshly boiled corn at the time and

asked them to hold on till he finished the corn

so he could have something in his stomach if

they wanted to kill him....yes my dad is

humorous and brave too.

Fast forward to when I came home from my

cousin's house at past 7pm rehearsing my

lines,how I would apologize to my dad for

coming home late. I knocked at the door and

one of the robbers welcomed me in with a wide

smile. Thinking it was one of my numerous

uncles that came from the village

unannounced as was always the case, I

greeted and walked into the house, glad that

my dad had a distraction only for the robber to

hit my head with a gun and asked me to lie

down with the pile of people in the house.

Minutes had gone by and they were

ransacking the house,promising us that they

would kill 3 people before living, while they

were searching the house for valuables, we

were to make up our minds who would die! My

dad was preaching to them while they

threatened and ransacked the house,and when

we were told to choose from amongst us,dad,

my 2 nieces,our help and I who would die, my

dad got up and said " LET THEM GO, KILL ME

INSTEAD " , I knew the power of sacrifice, of

love, of a FATHER!!

I always say I know what it means to call God

father, because I see my earthly father mirror

Him. My dad has sacrificed everything to make

sure my siblings and I have a comfortable life,

He has supported us all the way.

This man of integrity,love and compassion is

celebrating his 79th birthday today. Join me in

celebrating my dad. Happy birthday my Darling

PAPA,my Daddy of life, the best Daddy in the

whole wide world!!


Its exactly one week after my birthday and

Yes it gave me so much joy to see my gifts in

their packages for this long. I would peep at

them and surprise myself, then go again and

peep at them and surprise myself yet again..

Please join me in the surprise as today I will be

unwrapping them lol.

My boo of life came through for me. This

is not just a guitar but the full set of equipment

I need to disturb my neighbours.. Family is Bae

Team Tarrah, family is Bae.

I thank God for this great man God

has given me, my gratitude can't be expressed

enough.. Thank you Darling!!

Time to unwrap the gifts...the big

weekend is here,have a great one Team


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Get notified by email, mobile, or Facebook wheneve...

Hey Team Tarrah, it's the best birthday ever!! I'm thankful for life, love, family, friends... I'm thankful for you. Happy birthday to me!!

Yamaha AC3M Concert-Size Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Mahogany Back and Sides - Natural


Hey Team Tarrah, the concert was beautiful

in the end! I say this because i almost wanted

to give up,there were just so many hitches i

cannot begin to narrate right now but to crown

the trouble of all troubles up my guitar output

decided not to work 5 minutes before the

concert. Ah, i wanted to fall on the floor and

cry, just cry. Now i need the ultimate birthday

gift more than ever,well that and my tour bus *

put that eyebrow down* the best birthday ever

is 2days away...I still believe in miracles lol.

Here's the strategy,if you'd like to do

something about the ultimate birthday gift but

don't have the complete sum,inbox me and I

shall give you bank details for those in Nigeria

and in diaspora.

If I ain't got nothing, I got you Team Tarrah.

I love you, guitar and tour bus or not!! Have a

great week ahead.

I'll post videos of the concert when they're

ready. Love love love!!


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Hey Team Tarrah, I just popped in to say I love you, happy Easter.. Hope you're in camp meeting, see you Monday at the concert!!
I shall resume on Tuesday. Love love love love love..the reason for the season!!

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Get notified by email, mobile, or Facebook wheneve...

Get notified by email, mobile, or Facebook wheneve...

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