Whiny, angsty, ever-changing, opinionated queer-ass noise-folk stuff for kids who grew up on pop punk. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6lWfg4fiblKwzMFasZyohX

"How do you say your band name?" - Random guy at every show

"That's some Xiu Xiu shit or something..." - Mario Armando Ruiz (All Your Sisters)

"What language is that?" Another random guy

"I like the acoustic stuff you used to do a lot better" - Adam France (Burn Burn Burn)

"Stop doing that thing with the cassette tapes... it's weird." - Mostly anyone who liked my first album

"You're the Bob Pollard of NW folk-noise." Mike Propst (An Empty Room/Various Reasons)

I don't like talking about myself all that much.

In the interest of moving forward, all of my splits and EPs from 2015 and 2016 have been compiled into two free releases on Bandcamp. "Compendium I" is all noise and experimental. "Compendium II" is all acoustic, folk, and folk punk. Choose the side of Entresol that you like best, and pay nothing to own my back catalog of EPs, singles, and tour releases (unless you want to). https://entresolpnw.bandcamp.com/music

Tonight I had my head rewired thrice by Low Hums, Sterile Jets and BREATHERRR. It's serious business to share a stage with so many people who's music makes you rethink your own music/inspire you to approach it from new angles. I couldn't be more stoked on the evening, or humbled by getting to be a part of it. If you missed it, sorry for you.

Tonight at 8pm at The Boreal, its gettin weird. Sterile Jets, BREATHERRR, Low Hums and myself are gonna make some brash noises and sweet sounds. $5 and as usual, I'll have the whole Flossless Audio discography with me so you can save a little beer money on shipping.



If you dig the ASMR style pops and crackles of the outro to my live sets lately, this is for you. 15 minutes of pops, crackles, hiss, light noise and drone. Closer to the live show than anything I've released on tape as of yet.

soundcloud.com Recorded with my Tascam DR-40 in a single take. Hence the buried vocals.

Jacket Torn


Plans have been made. July/August tour impending. Entresol's studio debut will be recorded this fall. Currently demoing a handful of new songs. First taste here:

soundcloud.com First demo'ed track for Entresol LP3.

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Fair & Balanced / The Ibis (Excerpt) LIVE AT BLACK FOREST
Noise suite outro/Perilous Little Anvil

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playing shows. never playing shows again. club soda with lime.


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