Whiny, angsty, ever-changing, opinionated queer-ass noise-folk stuff for kids who grew up on pop punk. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6lWfg4fiblKwzMFasZyohX

"How do you say your band name?" - Random guy at every show

"That's some Xiu Xiu shit or something..." - Mario Armando Ruiz (All Your Sisters)

"What language is that?" Another random guy

"I like the acoustic stuff you used to do a lot better" - Adam France (Burn Burn Burn)

"Stop doing that thing with the cassette tapes... it's weird." - Mostly anyone who liked my first album

"You're the Bob Pollard of NW folk-noise." Mike Propst (An Empty Room/Various Reasons)

I don't like talking about myself all that much.

Spring 2017 tour flyer design by Mike Propst

Dates, locations, and more info to be announced soon... see you soon Oregon/Washington. Big thanks to Mike Propst for the poster art.

This April: PNW prepare yourself for Entresol Spring Tour 2017.

Tonight was ridiculous. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to see myself and Punisher, Is Dead, Tetra Bomb, The Athiarchists, Dalembert, One Dollar Check, and everyone who came out to one or both sick as fuck shows tonight. It was crazy good. <3 Photo by Dylan of Creep Creep Janga

Biggest of big thanks to Berg of SurfsDrugs and Lucas of The Blimp as well as Luckey's Club and everyone who came out tonight. It was a blast. <3

Today, Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immigrants/Basic Human Values


Until midnight tonight a portion of ALL Bandcamp sales goes to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who are actively fighting the unconstitutional Muslim Ban and ban of immigration/visits from people from certain middle eastern countries. This offer is good on ANY album(s) you buy all day today. Mine are available at www.entresolpnw.bandcamp.com

daily.bandcamp.com Like 98% of U.S. citizens (including the President), I am the descendant of immigrants—my great-grandparents came to America from Russia and Lithuania as teenagers and worked in sweatshops until th…

Congrats to the homie, Brandon, who just got all 12 of my releases (110 tracks) for free for being like #666.

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Fair & Balanced / The Ibis (Excerpt) LIVE AT BLACK FOREST
Noise suite outro/Perilous Little Anvil

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