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Videos by Coil from Seattle. Coil: Call of the Sirens. On a slippery dock, or a jagged rock in fabulous frocks, DeLuca’s powerful sound is languorously magnified with elastic hips and fluid hands of Rialto. Coil is an intense and luscious kaleidoscope for the senses!

Recycling day.

Playing with shadowsss.

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Other Coil Videos

Recycling day.
Playing with shadowsss.

Happy Halloween from Coil
Boooooooooo!!!!!! SSSSSSSsssssssssssssssss

News flash from Discovery Park: Cougar on the loose and Coil is on the lookout

Lunchtime on Burroughs Mt at Mt Rainier
Another extreme video in the making with the duo, COIL. Conditions were perfect at and we were greeted by photographers, chipmunks and a guy on his cell phone at 7,000 ft for godsake!

Blanca Lake hears the echoed calls of the sirens and Ms. Coil herself responds to the ripples, shimmers and overall beauty of the surroundings. Enjoy our first extreme art video!

Check list at Blanca Lake
Check list at the trailhead before hiking to Blanca Lake to film Desert Capriccio. Lesley, thankfully,has the camera, tape and tripod. I've got the bass clarinet.

COIL preparing for the 8 miles hike to Blanca Lake to film Desert Capriccio. Spirits are high as they review their list of gear.

Busking at Chookokam on Whidbey. We had a bit of a stir up when a messenger was sent over to us to tell Lesley to "cover up." WOW! If downtown Langley is uptight, what does that say for the rest of the country!

Balkan Brass Band
Wow! What volume, enthusiasm and panache!

Greek ensemble with Seattle's illustrious Christos Govetas! Wow, check out the twisted path of this tune. If feel an Ouzo deficiency coming on!

Balkan Brass Band puts out a lot of volume! Join the festivities.

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