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I Did a Thing...

You Against You (HEAVYGRINDER Remix)


As some of you know, I'm half of HEAVYGRINDER. Been focusing on that project lately, hence the silence of the feline side of things. We just released this; it has dubstep in it πŸ˜ŽπŸ™€πŸ”₯

soundcloud.com Slayer - You Against You (HEAVYGRINDER Remix) Free Download: https://show.co/GTZpa4c

Go check this out. It's my other project. it has dubstep and sounds okay: https://soundcloud.com/djheavygrinder/you-against-you-heavygrinder-remix


Gotta go fast!

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JayJay, Bobbie

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ONFYR Records, SectionZ Records, UKF, Armada Music, FiXT Music, Bad Life, Comorbid Records

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