Angela Reed

There are full bios with lots of info on the website ( But I guess Judy Collins said it well.

"Angela has the voice of an earth angel-sweet and vibrant and memorable. A rare singer who will fly far.
-Judy Collins

Hey, first band show in NYC!!!! Come and hear Kenny White, Cody Rahn, and Mike Visceglia play with me at the Rockwood tomorrow. 7pm!

Rockwood Music Hall - Upcoming Performances

Tonight!!!!! the first New York City Show!! Come to the Rockwood Music Hall at 6pm. It's an Early show, and it's free. 196 Allen St. (just below Houston.) Kenny White is playing with me for a few songs too, so it should be fun. A Tribute to Billy Joel, to benefit the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Part of the "Leave A Lasting Mark" Concert Series. With performances by Megan Cox, Craig Greenberg, Pat Firth, Chris LoPresto, Adam Minkoff, Scott Stein, Luke Wesley, Jason Wexler of Julius C, and more....

I'm playing at Cafe Luna tonight on Vashon. What a beautiful day for a ferry ride... hint, hint, hint...


Custom pearl earrings from Loosely Hinged, pro photography, my cousin Thad Jackson as artistic director, my grandma's one-of-a-kind ring AND a stylist! The official Waltz Me Awake photo shoot is going to be awesome! Now I have to work out!!!!!!!!

On Location - Kenny White’s Home in Greenwich Village -

I got mention in a New York Times article in today's Home Section!!! It's the front page spread about Kenny White and his place in the Village. A bit out of context, for sure. But what the hell? Still pretty cool. The musician Kenny White’s apartment — 600 square feet, 20-foot-plus peaked ceilings — is on the top floor of one of the Village’s most idiosyncratic buildings.

Went to a Swedish TV commercial audition. AND I HAD TO PLAY PIANO!!!!!! What a nightmare. Things went better when I just got to sing. A Stevie Wonder song to top it all off!!
Aaahhhh, life in the bizzzzz

Band Interests

Music. We just want to play and be able to share that with people. The saddest thing is if no one shows up to the gig. That's not because we wouldn't make money or we wouldn't get the buzz or add to the fan base. It's because we play our hearts out. We bleed into the music, and then no one's there to hear it, see it.

I hope that NEVER happens.

Band Members

Angela Reed: voice, guitar
Cody Rahn: drums, percussion
Dave Trump: bass, bass face


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Record Label

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