All songs are based on a fictional character named Critté, which is Latin for critter. And, like a critter she is a person of a peticular kind. She is a girl with 20 eyes and her companion is her borzoi.

In mid-2015 two phenomena emerged that twisted the general public’s perception of reality. The first was the realization that it was in fact “Berenstain” Bears and not “Berenstien,” and the second was the founding of Seattle’s CRITTÉ. Composed of four of the Northwest’s most gifted twee-rockers, CRITTÉ literally blend Beach Boy’s-era harmonies through digital processors to make psychedelic smoothies’ of songs -- all topped with sprinkles of the Unicorn’s and the Fiery Furnaces.

In early-2017 CRITTÉ will be releasing their first record, Borzoi. Serving as a pseudo-autobiography for front man Bradley Oliver Wilkinson, the record innocently explores the heavy aspects of everyday life through the lives of the fictional characters CRITTÉ, a young girl, and her faithful Borzoi. Bubblegum pop drenched tracks like “Stuarts Cove,” seek resolution and comfort through companionship in the face of loss, while tracks like titular “Borzoi” showcase the difficulties inherent in the relationship between pet and owner.

Borzoi promises to soundtrack your daydreams and soothe your panic-attacks. Ultimately it is a sonic safety blanket meant to remind you we are all in this together.

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CRITTÉ is excited to be back and performing a very special set for you all at Standard Goods February 9th for the ART WALK. Come stop by and check out amazing art from our best amigos David Enriquez. xoxo

Photo credit: Mary Robins Photography

Tomorrow night Bar Sue is the place to be. CRITTÉ is playing our last show of the year and what better way than to celebrate than to come to Freakout Festival 2016 . There will be some amazing local bands representing and we are very excited to be a part of it.

Check out the line-up and see ya'll there!!!

We play at 10 pm BarSue stage above the bar!


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