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Music for Deep Meditation creates high quality audio content for meditation and relaxation. Please visit our website for more info at or

Are you a fan of yoga and meditation? If so, please join our page and let's keep each other uplifted. Music for Deep Meditation is a series of recordings designed to help your body and mind relax and accompany your meditation practice. Play the music in your meditation room, during yoga practice, during healing work or even in your headphones as you walk around.

Each CD features a different traditional sound used by masters of meditation for centuries.

Here's what people are saying about Music for Deep Meditation:

The Music for Deep Meditation CDs are wonderful. I played the Tibetan Singing Bowl in my yoga class during meditation and my students loved it."
-- Alicia Johnson, Account Executive, Yogi Times Business

"I love the CDs! I've been playing them alot at the beginning of class to get people settled in, especially the Chanting OM one. At the end of class I use them for meditation and final relaxation. All of my students love them."
-- Kristin McGuee, Yoga teacher and star of MTV Power Yoga and Pilates videos

"The Tamboura CD is my favorite. It evokes India for me and it helps me become clear when I teach yoga."
-- Rita Trieger, Editor in Chief, Fit Yoga Magazine

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