Dick Twang Band

Hilarious, shocking and radically funny genre-bending comedy music. The Old Blue Car came to America, and they brought their ridiculous songs with them *

A fictional musical comedy recording act whose characters are "one whitey guy, and three native fellas, two brothers and a cousin". Think of a grown-up, dysfunctional and drunk partridge family. Their recording career began in 1991 when Elvis Manywounds began crank calling the local radio station. These hilarious phone calls inspired the songwriters to document the adventures of Elvis and his partners in song. These (mis) adventures mostly deal with substance abuse by the members of the band and other dark themes. Originally from Pouce Coupe, BC, Canada and now based in Seattle, WA.
The first recording, "100% Dick Twang" was released by the band locally on cassette way back in 1992. Everybody in town wanted a copy of this and it was passed around and partied to across the country while the road musicians spread Dick Twang across Canada and the U.S. Dick Twang's musical comedy has continued to win generations of new fans ever since due to the simple catchy melodies and controversial lyrics. "Old Blue Car" is a fave wherever it's played! OBC topped the mp3.com comedy charts back in 2001!
Dick Twang Band followed up in 2005 with "You Don't Know Dick". This popular album remains as a raucous continuation of this uniquecomedy. During that time the original album "100% Dick Twang" was also released to digital format and then sold in stores on CD for the first time. "Voodoo Indian" from the 2nd album was included in the soundtrack of the extreme film "Black Sprockett". There are some Dick Twang Band videos on you tube, most notably "Trailer Trash Whore". In 2009 Dick Twang Band wrote and recorded the 3rd album, "Not Too Pretty Bad", again in Seattle. Released in the summer of 2009, the new album includes the hilarious new tracks "Pakistani Trucker", "Jesus Is For Whitey", and features guest appearances by the real Ernie Scar. Dick Twang Band has performed live, not once but twice.

TOP TEN D.T.B. tracks on Spotify, plays today. hey U listenin?
1.Trailer Trash Whore (Album: You Don't Know Dick) 88
2. Old Blue Car (Album: 100% Dick Twang) 46
3. Old Blue Car (Album: Just the Hits) 36
4 Trailer Trash Whore (Album: Just the Hits) 31
5. Lysol Rap (Album: Just the Hits) 29
6. Dry Meat (Album: You Don't Know Dick) 23
7. Lysol Rap (Album: 100% Dick Twang) 21
8. Dry Meat (Album: Just the Hits) 19
9. Not Too Pretty Bad (Album: Not Too Pretty Bad) 19
10. Not Too Pretty Bad (Album: Just the Hits) 16

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Band Interests

jamming, beer, lysol, aftershave

Band Members

Elvis Manywounds, Dick Twang, H2O, Jos. One Blue Eye, Killer Krossbow, Seymour Hair, Bert Buffalo, Monty Negro, Scotty Cowkiller. Honorary members Ernie Scar, Pat Merrick, Orville Bluecloud


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B. Anger

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