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Grammy nominated Christian vocalist and multi Dove Award winner, Natalie Grant, is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN. Natalie's work has gained international acclaim, including five Dove Awards for Female Vocalist of the year. Natalie is married to producer Bernie Herms and they have three children Grace Ana, Isabella Noelle and Sadie Rose.

The doctors said highly improbable, but God said all things are possible. Today they are 10 years old. Double digits - how can it be?! Happy birthday to my twin daughters, beautiful Bella and gorgeous Gracie. You are my dreams come true.

Valentine's Day #19. My forever love.

SOOO proud of my sweet husband Bernie accepting a Grammy for the amazing song he wrote, "Thy Will."
We were nominated against each other in the category and there's no one I'd rather lose to!!! Haha seriously. An amazing song. My husband is an absolute creative genius. And he's a constant example of true humility and takes every opportunity, this one included, to point a watching world to Jesus.

This story. This moment. 😭😭😭Oh my word, what a privilege to honor Stephanie Meeker last night. Stephanie helped her best friend get out of a dangerous and abusive marriage. But unfortunately, the husband came back in to the home, and murdered his wife, while their 4 children were asleep in their beds. Amidst the shock, horror and grief, Stephanie and her husband stepped in and took those 4 children on as their own. They went from a family of 4 to a family of 8 overnight. The financial burden, not to mention, just the psychological and emotional trauma of those precious children, has been a lot for this dear family. Stephanie can no longer work so she can care for her family and handle all of the court related matters for the kids. As they live on one income, friends and their church have stepped in to help them survive. But we wanted to ease the financial burden just a bit.
It was a privilege to bless Stephanie with a check for $5000!. But knowing this entire situation has meant that Stephanie and her husband have had no time for themselves, we knew we needed to do more. Because of the generosity of the women in Philadelphia, we are sending Stephanie and her husband on an all expense paid vacation to the Florida Keys. The best part: Stephanie had just told her friend this morning that she really wished she could go to Florida with her husband. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!! #daretobe2017 #beoneforsomeone

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