Fast Paced Action Packed

Imagine this:
In the blue corner, weighing in at a combined 2049 pounds when wet, we have Mastodon, The Sword, and Black Sabbath. Fighting out of the red corner, weighing in at 1,532 pounds, Neil Young, Queen, and the Beatles. This will be a 12 round fight to the death... The bloody remains of the music these bands are known for will be scraped up and re-assembled into a new genre of music... music like nothing you have ever heard. It will be rock and roll; it will be classical; it will be metal; there will be vocal harmonies and guitar solos up the ass. There will be an unprecedented usage of Head Bands. It will be loud, dynamic, melodic, and technical. It will be:


Grenade VS Bear Shark Fast Paced Action Packed Colin Field | Cody Field | Eli Dayley | Dylan Lathe Live @ Skylark Cafe & Club 8.19.2010 | Seattle, WA Audio Mix | Ryan Miyake Video | Morgan Ritchie


Band Members

Colin Field, Cody Field, Eli Dayley, Dylan Lathe


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