After years of playing in various bands in the St Louis area, Shinma was formed in 1999 by Ken VH, accompanied by a diverse group of live members and collaborators. His eclectic electronic music is heavily influenced by anime and horror films, Latin culture, and video games.

Editor's Review from This Belleville, Illinois industrial-electronic outfit classifies itself as "intelligent techno," which makes one wonder about the IQ of all those other beatsmiths. But if Shinma are snobs of the synth boards, they deserve to be, what with tracks that shift nimbly between spooky ambient, hard European house, and the industrial grit of the American Midwest.


Our friends W.O.R.M. will be performing in Saint Louis tonight @ The Crackfox!

Uncoiled Loops

Uncoiled Loops is a label releasing hEADaCHE, Secant Prime, boomstix, Oelki, QNIEZERY and many genre specific compilations of Dubstep, Minimal & Ambient

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Stop Virus From Spreading!

I finally got all my gear back to my house after man years! I am reworking some songs, then I will create some new ones!

Rehearsels are set & new songs in progress! Plus, I am revampig the live set completely! Even daker than before!


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ken vh


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ghetto electro

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Ken VH
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