Jillian Raye

Named "The Nightingale of Skamokawa" by Robert Michael Pyle. I <3 music, foraging, growing food, herbalism, homesteading and wildcrafting.

"Music is the ultimate connection for me to everything and everyone. Inspiration comes with each moment and is sweet like honey. I contemplate the human condition of struggle, love and discovery of the self. My music has been called dark, haunting and dream-like, weaving together the colors of emotion with the eternal dance of darkness and light. I can only hope that others relate :) Its all about connecting and creating a new paradigm for living."

This Friday night :)

Giants in the Trees/ MKB Ultra @ The Blue Moon 5-6-2017


Giants In The Trees plays with MKB ULTRA

flickr.com Photos by Niffer Calderwood

Photo by Michael Coss Giants In The Trees

Image by Solomon Jacob März-Kimara

This Friday!

Playing with Giants In The Trees 🌲Photo by Michael Coss

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