Soul Vaccination

"Folks in the Pacific Northwest are lucky to have a real Soul Band this fine & exciting. This New Englander is jealous." Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat Mag.

Soul Vaccination is one of the tightest Funk & Soul Bands in the PNW. As the Rose City’s favorite, Soul Vax infuses the stage with the greatest soul standards, and has been a fixture in the Northwest music scene for over 20 years.
This high energy12 piece band features Glenn Holstrom on keyboards, along with the precision guitar playing of Mike Doolin/Dave Raynor. On bass, is Grammy nominated producer John Linn, and on drums is Edwin Coleman III, always bringin' the funk and groovin' hard. Portland's own, Regina K, Mark Wyatt, and Porsch Anthony share their soulful vocal styles. Lewis Livermore and Dave Mills carry the backbone sound of the Soul Vax horns on trumpets, with Ron Regan, Gary Harris, & Timothy Bryson on saxophones.
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The band's new CD, "Soul Vax Live in PDX" is selling fast and has received wonderful reviews (please visit our website and read more). Our third CD, "What is Hip?" featuring legendary Tower of Power guitarist Bruce Conte was recently reviewed by DownBeat Magazine receiving ★★★1/2 . It is an honor to be recognized nationally by DownBeat Magazine.

“Folks in the Pacific Northwest are lucky to have a real soul band this fine and exciting. This New Englander is jealous.

— Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat columnist/Grove Press author

The Northwest's Hottest Funk & Soul

Thank you to everyone that made it out this weekend.
Friday & Saturday night at the Gemini Bar & Grill was Souled Out!
Thank you to Lordean Moran, Sara Prohaska and the Gemini's fantastic staff and thank you Robert Shriver Audio for a great monitor mix and F.O.H. Sound. It's great to be in a band.
GoodTimes for sure!
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Come see Soul Vaccination Live at the Gemini Bar & Grill - Two nights - February 3rd and 4th, $15 cover - Bring your friends and join the par-tay! Be early to get a good seat - We're gonna have a funky good time!

Soul Vaccination's first play at the Trails End Saloon was Souled Out. Always great to see so many people having a good time. Thank you for supporting live music. Here's a few photos from the show to the last song at jazz noon. A good time was had by all.
We dedicated last nights show to Edwin Coleman II (R.I.P.); and And to to Tower of Power members: David Garibaldi, and current bassist Marc van Wageningen.
Huge thank you to Casey Anderson for a great job, filling in for Edwin Coleman III (not an easy task with one days notice). And thank you to Wager Audio, Brad Wager for a great monitor mix and FOH sound.
Thank you Douglas Oglesby, Katie Temple, and the wonderful staff at the Trails end for making our 1st play so much fun.

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4 years ago - the SoulVaxNation Duffs Garage - A good time was had by all!
Hope to see you this Saturday, January 21st, for our 1st play at the Trails End Saloon, in the OC! Everybody get in line!

We're dedicating this weekends show to Tower of Power members: David Garibaldi and current bassist Marc van Wageningen. Wishing both a speedy and complete recovery.
Please join us, this Saturday Night, January, 21st, 2017, for our 1st play at the Trails End.
OC represent!
(CNN)--Two members of the funk-rock band Tower of Power are recovering after being hit by a train, the group's representative said.
"In an unfortunate accident...drummer David Garibaldi and current bassist Marc van Wageningen were struck by a train in California," said their PR agent Jeremy Westby in a statement to CNN. Both men are responsive and being treated at a hospital, according to Westby.

Love these photos by Diane Russell. Outside looking in, at Soul Vaccination's last play at Jimmy Mak's. If you zoom in you can see most of the band through the windows. A glimpse of the SoulVax horns; and Regina K, Edwin Coleman III, John Linn, and Glenn 'wholetones' Holstrom. And the 2nd photo, with lights reflecting on the glass: SV Horns, Porsch Anthony, Mark Wyatt, and Edwin Coleman III.
R.I.P. Jimmy Makarounis.

Farewell Jimmy Mak's - The final shows - December 2016 - photos

Thank you Diane Russell for these wonderful memories, and Oregon Music News.
R.I.P. Jimmy Makarounis. By DIANE RUSSELL //

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Making music. Keeping this great music alive.


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Regina K, Mark Wyatt, and Porsch Anthony lead vocals. Mike Doolin, Guitar; Glenn Holstrom, keyboards; John Linn, bass; Edwin Coleman III, drums & vocals; The Soul Vaccination horns: Lewis Livermore & Dave Mills, trumpet & flugelhorn; Gary Harris, alto sax, tenor sax & flute; Ron Regan, tenor sax, & flute; Timothy Bryson, alto sax & bari sax.


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