Melbourne was so sick that we had to book another show, come headbang with us tomorrow at the Bendigo Hotel!

Attention death metal weirdos:

Our guitarist DG is the main songwriter and guitarist of Artificial Brain, and they're about to drop their second record. Check a new song here and pre-order this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌌

New Zealand was 🔥 📸 Caspar Kneale Photography

Just landed back in Australia after a couple killer shows in New Zealand! 5 more dates to go on the Thrash, Blast and Grind fest!

Brisbane, you guys fucking delivered last night, thanks for the amazing show! Tonight The Thrash, Blast and Grind fest rolls on to Sydney, see you then!

Hanging at the koala sanctuary in Brisbane with the Psycroptic homies, our Australian tour kicks off today!

Dave Davidson – Revocation ‘Sinful Theatre’

Check out Dave's new interview with Wall Of Sound in preparation for our upcoming Australian tour: When it comes to technical death metal, Revocation are one of the most unique bands in the genre. They’ve created a distinct sound by pushing the boundaries of aggressive music and blending it with…

Track Revocation

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Band Members

David Davidson - Guitars / Vocals
Dan Gargiulo - Guitars / Vocals
Brett Bamberger - Bass / Vocals
Ash Pearson - Drums


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Metal Blade Records

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