Gild The Mourn

Fairytale themed Gothic Rock.

Entering a realm somewhere between J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Grimm’s Fairytales, Gild The Mourn has laid a path for you to travel to a world beyond your own. The Fairytale themed Gothic Rock duo hailing from Charlottesville, VA comes clad in armor and war paint to tell tales of battles long forgotten, worlds that have faded from the pages of memory, and the struggles of the human condition.
Beginning the journey of their newly released singles collection “I-VIII” released through Darksound Records is no small venture, as you’ll be welcomed with haunting vocals and commanding guitar, leading into a potent if not hypnotic pounding of war drums. Stories of the fae, specters, goddesses and angels seize the imagination, while those of personal struggle and loss tear at the heart.
While listening to “I-VIII” which is now available on Spotify and iTunes, you’ll feel a sense of adventure such as the one brought on by opening a good fantasy novel. Taking advantage of every aspect of their sound scape, Gild The Mourn truly crafts a world inside each song. From the subtle whispers of fairy creatures beckoning you to their domain to the acute cries of warriors in battle, every track is carefully crafted to flood your senses and have you believe in what is not seen with the eyes.
“I-VIII” is the debut collection of singles from Gild the Mourn, who tends to release each song individually, giving fans the opportunity to fully experience each story. It’s presented simply, allowing the music to speak for itself. The included singles are a collection of released works from their debut in 2014 to current time.
The first single off the album “Shade” has been receiving great acclaim, including the recently released music video available now on Youtube. A loving if not sad spiel of a haunted character that takes solace in a mysterious figure known to us as “Shade”. Taking refuge in the embrace of the shadows is a refreshing change to what we are ordinarily given as comforting.
The band consists of husband and wife duo Gopal and Angel Metro. Gopal being a veteran musician is co-founder of the dark rock bands Bella Morte and Brighter Fires. The two strive to create a positive culture around their music, focusing heavily on inner strength and perseverance. Their motto “In the Darkest of Times, Find Light Within” represents finding fortitude within one’s self during times of hardship and strife.

The Fairytale themed Gothic Rock band, Gild the Mourn consists of members Angel and Gopal Metro. The duo started writing together in 2012, and formed Gild The Mourn in 2014. Inspired by their love of high fantasy and ghost stories, the music combines elements of gothic rock, dark wave, post-punk and classic fairytales to create a world beyond our own.

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ConCarolinas is just around the corner and you have a weekend filled will Gild the Mourn Panneling and Performances!
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Band Members

Angel Metro - Vocals, Bass, Programming & Songwriting
Gopal Metro - Vocals, Guitar, Programming & Songwriting


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Darksound Records

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Gopal Metro
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