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Kultur Shock's style is impossible to define- many critics throw SOAD, Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Gang of Four, The Pogues, Balkan folk music, punk rock, heavy metal as references to it, but nothing can prepare the unsuspecting listener to what is going to come out of their home stereo speakers or what's going to happen to them during the 90 minutes live shows that the band is known for. In two words- the description is a mix of all of the above in a seamless new sound, that takes the listener on a trip and never lets go.

The band has under its belt over 600 Euro and US shows throughout the last 8 years alone. Almost all of its club dates are headlining (they are joking that they make a really lousy opener- “Go fuckin' play after us....”), has headlined many festival stages and supported artist like Iggy Pop and the Stooges (twice), Manu Chao, The Whalers, Gogol Bordello (quite a few times), Burning Spear and has given the chance to many young and aspiring artists to share a stage with them.

Kultur Shock performs in Europe- from London to Istanbul and from Scandinavia to North Africa, the American Northwest, Northeast and upper Midwest, Russia- European and Asian parts, and has plans to tour Japan and Indonesia.

Major Festival appearances include- Bumbershoot (Seattle)- multiple times, Szeget (Budapest), Exit (Serbia)- twice, Sayanskoe Kolco (Siberia, Russia), Festival of Peace (Kazan, Russia), Esperanza (Belgium), Senglar Rock (Spain), Ariano Irpino (Italy), Lent Festival (Slovenia), Pireneus Sur (Spain), Sarajevo Film Fest, Stuffstock (Romania), and many more national, regional and city fests across Europe and the US.

no fluff, just facts:

1996- Gino (Srdjan) Yevdjevich, Amir Beso and Nedim H. Hamzic come to the US, tour with the theater play Behind God's Back, perform with Joan Baez.

1998- Gino reformed the band, which included Borislav Iochev (Bulgaria/ USA) on drums, Mario Butkovic (Bosnia/ Croatia) on guitar, John Morovich (USA) on accordion and tambura, and Brad Houser (USA) on bass. Seattle's jazz and avant- guard musicians take notice and get involved in the project.

1999- the band recorded “Live in America”, on Gino's Pacific Records- an album which featured traditional Balkan songs performed with a refreshing irreverent attitude. The album was introduced by Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) to Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) - both staunch supporters, who recommended it to Bill Gould (Faith No More). Bill offered a collaborative record deal to the band for the next release on his own KoolArrow Records.

2000- Val Kiossovski (guitar) and Masa Kobayashi (bass) join the band, along with a full horn section, comprised of Amy Denio (sax), Jessica Lurie (sax), Ambros Nortness (baritone sax), Josh Stewart (trumpet). The band enters the rock'n'roll club scene in Seattle, plays Bumbershoot Festival.

2002- FUCC the INS is released on Bill Gould's KoolArrow Records, Kultur Shock begins active international touring.

2004- Kultura- Diktatura is released on KoolArrow records, brings critical acclaim by Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, FRoots Magazine, Village Voice, El Pais and many other mainstream, underground and fan- zine publications in Europe and the US. Amy Denio departs to focus on her own music and publishing company in Italy, Matty Noble on violin completes the line up. Drummer Chris Stromquist replaces Borislav Iochev.

2006- We Came to Take your Jobs Away is released on KoolArrow Records. The record generates number of songs that are solidly embedded in the live set of the band. The band tours relentlessly.

2008- Kultur Shock releases a fifth album- Live in Europe on their own record label- Kultur Shock Records. Properly identified by fans as a “live” band”, Kultur Shock stays on the road. The album was mixed by Jack Endino, who recorded the first demo of the band in the late 90's and Kultura- Diktatura.

In the fall of 2008 Mario Butkovic and Masa Kobayashi depart the band. Bassist Guy M. Davis (USA), Paris Hurley- violin (USA) and Kultur Shock's own Amy Denio on sax complete the line up.

2010- Integration is released on Kultur Shock Records. The album is yet another turning point in the sound and musical exploration of the band, was co- produced by Jack Endino and the dynamic line up ensured Kultur Shock's place on many European and US club and festival stages.

2011- Ministry of Kultur was released on March 1st. Co- produced by Jack Endino. The band is on the road again- club and festival engagements alike.

2012- Restricted by the LP format and wanting to react faster and with a better political commentary, the band records “Tales of Grandpa Guru, vol 1.”, released on Kultur Shock Records in July 2013.

2014- the band releases it's 9th record, titled IX and tours extensively with the songs of it in the winter/ spring of 2015.

2015- The band releases "Live at Home", their third live album, recorded on location in Sofia, Bulgaria, during their "IX" record release tour. A campaign is set up for raising funds for helping the refugees flooding the Balkans at the time, and all record release proceeds are donated to a charitable organization in Macedonia.

2016- Kultur Shock records a two song single in collaboration with Bosnian hip- hop sensation Edo Maajka. They perform together on multiple occasions during band's 20th anniversary tour.

We would LOVE to play Trump's inauguration. Just give us the microphone and let's see what happens.
Wouldn't you like to see that?!:)
No borders, no bullshit, no division, no compromise.
Happy holidays.

Esma Redzepova, Macedonia's 'Romany music queen', dies at 73 - BBC News


Rest in peace, Esma.

bbc.com Esma Redzepova, a former Eurovision entrant dubbed "Macedonia's Romany music queen", dies at 73.

Kultur Shock live @ Zrenjanin: Revolutionary song


We've been silent. Cause we are afraid of our own prophecies sometimes...

youtube.com Zrenjanin, Serbia, 9/8/2011



I have mine. Do you have yours? ☺️ ~Kym




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