Honkytonk Judo

Yes, we are indeed a rock band... ITS A FAMILY NAME!

Being a member of a band, we get asked all the time, "so what kind of music do you play?" Honestly, if you asked each of us individually, we'd all give a different answer. That's what makes this so fun. Come check us out! You tell us what kind of music we play. Hell, we'd like to know ourselves. All we know is our music is fun, its loud, its intelligent, and its unabashedly, unashamedly, TUCSON ARIZONA!

Something's happening...

The Babylon Bee


“As soon as I bought my newest one, I realized I had hit the milestone of ten pedals.”

So Facebook is concerned about our lack of activity and would like an update. We've all been working on various projects but we see each other regularly and talk extensively about our next world tour. In the meantime, Derek has been busy with his newfound interest in indie bluegrass and has patented a corn-cob hooka pipe. Daniel is a new dad times two and is working on a top secret project so he literally only responds to any and all conversations with nods, winks, yess's and no's. Tom has discovered Sous Vide style cooking and hasn't left his house since Christmas and all pictures of his dog have been replaced with pictures of meats and meat products in various stages of searing. Jonathan recently discovered through Ancestry.com that he is 1% Japanese. He is currently enrolled in Ninja School.

At the swap meet....thinking this might be THE spot for a come back tour......!

Happy St. Patrick's day...2 years ago...

Gotta love Waylon...

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Band Members

Derek Cheatham; Guitars, Vocals, Mooching; Tom Adkins; Bass, Catering; Daniel Reisdorf; Guitars, Vocals, Great Hair; Jonathan Cole; Drums, Beard Advocacy


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SuSita Duncan 520-490-7551
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