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After releasing two albums on Lava Records - “Greetings from Imrie House” (2005) and “Modern Minds and Pastimes” (2007) - with combined worldwide sales of over 2 million, three gold records and eight different #1 singles in seven countries (including a #1 song on the US iTunes chart), The Click Five are set to introduce their third studio album with a worldwide release in 2010.

Before starting work on their new album, the band completed a tour of Southeast Asia in 2008 as part of MTV EXIT's initiative to end human trafficking. This tour saw them making history in Cambodia, performing the first rock concert ever held at Angkor Wat Temple (co-headlining with Placebo) and headlining Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh to an audience of over 30,000. In December, 2008, they finished out a tremendous year with their first solo show in Beijing to a sell-out crowd.

Returning home to Boston, where they all met while attending the Berklee College of Music, feeling inspired, and with a renewed energy after their successful tour, the band went straight back in to the studio with producer Mike Denneen (Fountains of Wayne, Aimee Mann, Howie Day) to begin recording their third album. Yet untitled, this new album showcases the band's undeniable talent for writing timeless pop songs with an edge. As their sound and song writing matures, the band’s strong fan base has followed, turning even small warm-up shows in to an event. With a broader appeal than ever before, and a live show that rivals that of any other major rock band, this is The Click Five at their finest.

Grand Canyon

Hello friends and family of The Click Five. Joe Guese has a new band named Grand Canyon. They will be making their LA radio debut tomorrow morning on legendary DJ Nic Harcourt's show. He's spinning their song "I Don't Wanna Wait" around 7:45 am PT on KCSN 88.5 FM and on the web at To celebrate, they've released two songs from their upcoming album. Hope everyone is well and happy holidays!

Happy holidays from all of us here at Grand Canyon. In honor of the season, we're giving YOU two, brand new, shiny tracks!

For all of you morning birds in LA, tune in to KCSN 88.5 FM tomorrow to hear our debut on the airwaves. At approximately 7:45am, the powers that be will be spinning "I Don't Wanna Wait." Big thanks to Nic Harcourt for putting it in the mix!

Side note: for all of you not in LA, the station streams on their site -

What Ever Happened To The Click Five?

Hi guys! Here's what the band behind 2005's 'Just the Girl' is up to now

The Top 12 Most Confusing Boy Band Names

In case you missed it....number 11!!! Music trends are dangerously fickle. The "it" genre could be rap or folk one week, then the next month it's moved to electronic or new soul.

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Hello everyone,

After a long hiatus, we are parting ways so that we may continue to focus on our individual endeavors. Although we will no longer be active as The Click Five, our friendship and bond as band-mates is strong and will continue to be. We are ready to move on, and are excited to begin the next chapter of our lives.

Thank you to our families and friends for always being there for us and pushing us to be better. We especially want to thank our amazing fans. We think about you every single day, and we wouldn't be who we are today without you. We had some of the best years of our lives together and we will never forget the love you gave us. The feeling we got from inspiring you with our music was always at the top of the list for us. We have such positive memories of our time together and hope you do too. Thank you, we are truly grateful.

Moving forward, we hope you will continue to support each of us in our personal ventures, just as we band-mates support each other. We're lucky to have experienced so much together and to be where we are today. We look at this not as an end, but the beginning of a new journey.

To everyone who listened to our music along the way, thank you.

Much Love,

Joey, Ben, Ethan, Joe, Kyle

Amazing show last night with @MTVEXIT in Phnom Penh! 40,000 Amazing fans in the audience. WOW.


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