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New album Remember Us To Life is out now!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Jack and I wore our "I am an Immigrant" shirts!

This Valentine is for my mom and dad- thank you for making me an immigrant! Lucky and proud to have come here with you!

Thank you dear mama and papa for being so brave and loving. For coming to a place where you didn't speak the language and didn't have jobs or money. Thank you for starting all over again. For taking me as a child out of an oppressive environment and bringing me to a country with a history of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. For bringing me to The Bronx which is a diverse and wonderful place to grow up. For always putting education first. For always putting the kids first. For valuing and sharing your love of music, poetry, and all the arts with me. Thank you for reading books to me, and for helping me keep the Russian language so I can read the great literature and listen to the incredible music in the original tongue. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams. Thank you for showing me tolerance and respect for all cultures and religions. Thank you for being my parents! Happy Valentines!


Watch Regina Spektor's Dreamy New Video for "Black and White"

Hi friends! So excited about sharing this video for "Black and White" with you today! Read all about it here: Exclusively at

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Happy New Year from Regina!
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