Toxic Holocaust

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TOXIC HOLOCAUST mutated into existence in 1999, when Joel Grind merged his love for classic punk and metal into his ideal band. Like his influences - Bathory, Venom, English Dogs, Possessed, Broken Bones - TOXIC HOLOCAUST featured blazing riffs, gravel-throated vocals, and a deadly fixation on the evil in man and a post-apocalyptic world. Grind wrapped all of these elements up with a DIY attitude.

Toxic is playing Punk Invasion July 29th at the Observatory

Richmond, make sure you get your pre sale tickets for this show with Nails, Bracewar and Gatecreeper!

Recorded a cover of "Max Overload" by Acid with guest vocals.
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Recorded to 4 track cassette for eXXXtra shittiness.

New Toxic album is about 90% finished, still need to finish up some arrangements and some lyrics but it's getting close. Once everything is dialed in I hope to start recording in February.

It's shaping up to be a little more fist pumping and rock n roll than previous stuff but still kinda has that D-beat shit going on from the last record. No wimp out, still gonna be raw and gross.

Also, this will sort of be a return to the origins of the band in a way as it will be a solo effort like back in the old days. I get a lot of questions and requests about doing a solo record again (ala Evil Never Dies and Hell on Earth...hence the Yellowgoat record) so I thought it would be a cool change and something different than what most bands do. This doesn't effect the lineup, they will still be playing live with the band.


Upcoming tour with Nails and Gatecreeper happening in March.

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"Judgement Awaits You"
Toxic Holocaust- 'Conjure and Command' In Studio Episode
Toxic Holocaust- 'War Is Hell' (Live)
"Lord Of The Wasteland"
"Nuke the Cross"
Wild Dogs
In Studio Episode #3
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Joel Grind, Nicholas T. Rage


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Relapse Records
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