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Natalie Lauren fka Suzy Rock. Songwriter.Rapper.Singer.Speaker.Artist.Stupid Genius.Inspired by & submitted to the Creator.

Born Natalie Lauren Sims in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Natalie’s creative capacity became apparent at a young age, and she soon began merging her faith with art. Along with emerging as a well-respected rapper, Natalie has played an integral role as a songwriter and creative consultant for Reach Records artists and many others in Christian Hip Hop. She plans to continue to use music as her medium to address the ever-growing problems that women face: father wounds, acceptance issues, relationship woes, identity, sexism and vanity. She recently launched All is Vanity as an ongoing campaign that will encourage women to pursue lasting satisfaction.

“Musically, I want to stretch the norm. I want to make classic music…Anita Baker and Lauryn Hill kind of music. But, at the end of the day, I want to make music that glorifies God. Beyond music, I want to be a model of womanhood. I want to create an environment locally and online where young women can gather life resources, be honest and open about their struggles, find hope and encouragement from other sisters, talk freely, be mentored and get a basic framework of what it looks like to walk out the Christian life. My goal is nothing short of the Great Commission.”

Joseph Solomon on Twitter…

THIS IS AWESOME JOEY!… “I, too, have been guilty of trying to be victorious over sin and evil with only my own efforts. We need prayer.”

Native been workin all Summer on ur fav artist projects.
All The Time @mrswoope Blessings, I'll Find You & Hammertime @lecrae ft @1kphew

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God is great, God is Good, Let us thank Him for our Food. Amen
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yessss!!!!!!… “time to cook.”

In other news This Fall I'm gonna have a Native Creative Camp called "Tongue & Tribe".songwriting & production retreat for minorities :)

I'm sooo grateful for this music journey . This process has been a sacrifice that has matured me as a leader, creative, owner & beliver.

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