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Here is a review I received from a from the San Francisco Bay Times music reporter, Radio-Free Pusspuss - September, 2003:

"Looking for music with a real twisted twist? Butch Cavity has been let loose on a Goth punk screed to recruit other warped souls for a party. His hypnotic throbalicious and quirky bordering on psychotic homespun creations will delight some and scare others. Wabbit Wemix is as poppy dark as you may want but the refrains of "be quiet — I’m hunting wabbit" make for an amusing dada-ist music moment but it does work. I’m lucky enough not to have too many stormy nights but this is what I would play if I did! Brooding lungfuls of emotions wafting through balanced backbeats and otherworldy vocals with quirky visits and seanced moments."

Butch Cavity - Scraping batter from the bottom of the Rock & Roll bowl.

Butch Cavity: Putting the "mime" in parasympathomimetic.

I love to create. I never know what I will end up with when I start. Some say this may be a naive way of approching music - I disagree. Throwing paint at the sonic canvas sets me free. With all of today's technology, the soul of the art has been sanitized with each meticulous mouse-click. This is my adventure! I'm curious as to how far it will take me and who I will meet along the way.

All new material is in the works for 2011 - A noise/art collage with a beat you can trip to. Heck, I may even sing again. A live performance piece is also in the works to accompany the Butch Cavity II: Electric Boogaloo album found here on Soundcloud!
Now accepting applications for unpaid internships, coffee-getters, go-fers, costume designer, make-up artist, muse...and guitars.

Music sets me free. I can be anything - anywhere. I want my music to take me places - and bring you along with me for the ride. I hope to pack this show up this fall and see how far it will take me. New York? Amsterdam?

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Another Blue Rose case...

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A great big hole fulla rock & roll


butchcavity.tumblr.com Seattle based digital photographer, visual artist, audio producer and musician ~ always looking for a new angle or opportunity to share his work.

A great big hole fulla rock & roll


butchcavity.tumblr.com doomedandstoned:
“Doomed & Stoned Winter Showcase ~Photographs by Chris Schanz & Stephanie Savenkoff~ ~Review & Films by Billy Goate~

It’s Doomed & Stoned’s second time collaborating with wicked Disenchanter bassist Joey DeMartini, whose own Mad God Booking and PR put together that stellar Doomed ...

Doomed & Stoned

Doomed & Stoned's Best of '16

I don't know if you've been waiting for this or not, but we're gonna give it to you anyway! I'm proud of my team of contributors from around the world who cover their scene with passion and excellence through album reviews, interviews, photographs, concert footage, and short stories. It's time you get to know the albums that made an impact on them in 2016. I've thrown mine in there, for good measure. Here, then, are the Doomed & Stoned Staff Picks: The Best Records of 2016. Surprises abound!


Bands honored include:

Ancient Warlocks
Cardinals Folly
Castle - Metal Band
Church of the Cosmic Skull
Church of Misery Official
Elephant Tree
Ethereal Riffian
Holy Grove
La Chinga
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Mars Red Sky
Moon Coven
Mos Generator
Red Wizard
Salem's Pot
Spiritus Mortis
The Temple
The Welll
Wrekmeister Harmonies
Year of the Cobra

and much, much more!

Doomed & Stoned Staff Picks: The Best Records of 2016
“~By Billy Goate~
What a year it has been! 2016 brought us so many incredible releases that, if your head was too far in the underground, it was possible to miss new releases from...

So much fun performing at BACON STRIP this weekend!!! Much love and respect!

A great big hole fulla rock & roll


butchcavity.tumblr.com doomedandstoned:
“Seattle’s Funhouse Plays Host To
Massive Rainfall of Riffs! ~Photographs by Chris Schanz~

Last week, Castle and Mos Generator kicked off a short fall-ending tour of the West Coast (which ends Sunday at The Complex in Los Angeles) and Seattle photog Chris Schanz was on hand to cap...

A great big hole fulla rock & roll


butchcavity.tumblr.com doomedandstoned:
“Crack The Bone, Break The Heart ~Review and Photos by Chris Schanz~

I’ve been waiting a long time to experience this album in its pure form. Now, on this October’s eve, I sit with my skull full of wine and black candles burning, listening to BLACK BONE EXORCISM in the comfort of my studio. For years now, I’ve been pummeled by the sheer black waves of terror from the front row. I’ve dreamed of the desolate battlefields, my body hurtling through the galactic expanse, black tentacles of despair wrapping around my corporeal form only to throw me back to earth, dashing my body on the stormy rocks…all the while, grinning ear-to-ear in ecstasy.

Tad Doyle worked his magic with ‘Crack the Bone, Break the Heart’ (2016 - D.H.U. Records) at Witch Ape Studios, incorporating a host of mesmerizing samples to lead us in, and hone this tale and give the album that perfect tone, depth, and direction. Demonic dissonance and harmonic convergence all in one!

I’ve always said they brought the drama to doom. It’s a tall order to bring form to the chaos, but David Krön has had ample time to hone this tale, backed by the demonic cadence of Keith Greer on drums, Brandön Wilder’s swirling guitar dervishes, and subterranean thunder of Mike Lee on bass – the company is complete, let the journey into battle begin!

“Cast From Collapse” takes us immediately to the constant turmoil in which the earth was cast – the violent upheaval of volcanic creation to global decay. David’s screams pierce the atmosphere and through your chest as you embark into the void.

“To The East” finds us sludging slowly to The East, into the blinding sunrise and biting cold, soothed by chorused basslines and delicate harmonies between David and Brandön’s guitars. I could smell the spices of eastern lands and frozen blood.

“Unknown, Against Light” incites the rage in us against religious oppression – liberating forces of otherworldly terror free us from our chains. That bass! That ripping, raw tube chainsaw bass cuts through perfectly!

“III” begins with the most disturbing samples, drawing us in closely to the story, only to knock us on our knees. Delicate guitar bursts in dramatic fashion, bringing us round again. We have hope, we have turmoil, and we have magic. Fate has its own plans for us. By far my favorite track of the album!

“March of the Heretic” is the master class session of the album. This is the cornerstone on which Black Bone Exorcism has built their fortress. Call it Funeral Doom – doom at its most pure –- a rhythmic dirge marching off to war. The screaming guitar leads flailing out into the ether paint the sky like a bloody aurora.

Black Bone Exorcism’s CD release party for Crack The Bone, Break The Heart takes place October 29th, with a live performance at the Substation in Seattle, joined by Tad Doyle’s own Brothers of the Sonic Cloth!

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