Hey Rainmaker Danny Mangold Solo CD

Although having worked on dozens of recordings for Capitol and A&M Records...Disney and Showtime..."Hey Rainmaker" is Danny Mangold's first solo CD.

Danny Mangold Bio

Danny Mangold was guitarist and vocalist and founding member of Minneapolis Rock/Soul group The Metro All Stars, Mangold's songwriting helped secure the band a recording contract with MTM/Capitol Records.
After moving to Seattle, Washington, in the early 90’s, Mangold worked with The Neville Bros, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Heart and Spin Doctors (including a CD with singer Chris Barron called (Heart of the City), proceeds from which were given to the Everett Women's Shelter.
Danny Mangold continues to play and produce music and guitar session work around Seattle as well as for Music Supervisors, Los Angeles, Disney and Showtime. He has been written up in Billboard, Mix, Guitar World, Guitar Player and Premier, Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazine.
His newest solo CD “Hey Rainmaker” is a compilation of completely re-worked cover tunes of ancient soulful Black Gospel tunes using 10 different vocalists. The CD also received an Artists Grant Award from The Northwest Music Foundation. The CD was mastered by engineer Dave Hillis who recorded “Vs” and “Ten” by Pearl Jam


Not only is old Black Gospel music my favorite music, it is the foundation of all great music...Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, etc. The story of how American music came about using that most important Pentatonic music scale (aka..the blues scale) armed with nothing but handclaps, voices and maybe the odd out-of-tune piano in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana churches fascinates me.
I started learning and playing this insanely great music on the corner of 28th and Jackson in Seattle. The talent at this church was overwhelming. Like taking a drink of water out of a firehose. Although just been in a successful touring rock band with a major record label contract..I WAS the student here because "excellent was entry-level" here.
I promised myself if I ever made a solo CD...THIS would be the music. The real deal. So, I spent a month in and out of the backroads off of Highway 61 in Mississippi doing small recordings with a Roland hand digital recorder (and an iPhone!!) in various places..enough to build on back home in the studio in Seattle.
To keep it from sounding dull, I wanted different singers and musicians on every track to tell a different story. Some of the tunes are 100 years old and nobody knows who wrote them..some are as current as the later 70's.
Everyone involved in the project was an absolute joy to work with and brought so much spirit to their part that I knew it was going to be good....and ..I think it is.

Never underestimate the power of Facebook and Cyber PR..the first shipment of Hey Rainmaker is almost sold out. I have 5 left and will reorder another shipment today..man..THANK YOU guys !!

"Hey Rainmaker", by Danny Mangold



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