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Performer, writer, giver, taker, yeller, listener, love-lover, rule-hater, ukulele-freak, and piano-slayer. Co-founder of the punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. like people, music, thinking and drinking.

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last spring, i hunkered down with my hero, Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pink Dots, and we co-wrote and recorded an entirely new album of original songs. it's called "I CAN SPIN A RAINBOW".
both edward and i play and sing on the record, and it’s absolutely beautiful - we are both enormously proud of it and i cannot wait for you to hear it.

the album comes out on MAY can PRE-ORDER it now and instantly get two tracks right HERE:


the physical release is available on CD and on a double gatefold vinyl (which contains 2 bonus songs).

AND ! edward and i will be hitting the road in the US and Europe this may and june to perform these songs and more. head over to for tickets and more info.

on May 5th i am releasing "I CAN SPIN A RAINBOW", a new album of original songs i co-wrote and recorded with my hero, Edward Ka-Spel from the Legendary Pink Dots. edward and i both play and sing on the record. it's absolutely beautiful....we're so proud of this album and we cannot wait for you to hear it.

physical copies are available on CD and on double gatefold vinyl (the vinyl comes with 2 bonus songs). you can PRE-ORDER it now!


US, EUROPE & UK!! NEW TOUR DATES!!! the amanda & edward ka-spel record "I Can Spin A Rainbow" is about to go on sale to the public in a matter of hours (i will post album order links, or go join the patreon RIGHT NOW if you just can't wait, they've been ordering up a storm for the past 48 hours, - AND PATRONS CAN PRE-ORDER TICKETS ALREADY....same link)

but, ahem, more critical...TICKETS FOR THE U.S., EUROPEAN AND UK TOUR are going on sale to the public TODAY ( the U.K. in a matter of minutes!!).

check below for LOCAL ON-SALE times. all links should be working the minute tickets are officially live on sale. GO GET THEM!

UNITED're going on sale in a few more hours..!!

17 – Boston, MA - Middle East - 12 pm/NOON
20 – New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom - 12/pm/NOON
21 – Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade NYC - 12pm/NOON
23 – San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge - 9 am
24 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour - 9 am

EUROPE/UK - all on-sale times are local!

MAY 31 – Warsaw, PO – Proxima
1 – Munich, DE - Muffathalle - 10 am
2 – Leipzig, DE - Wave & Gotik Treffen - ON SALE NOW
4 – Prague, CZ - Palác Akropolis - 10 am
5 – Hamburg, DE - Fabrik - 10 am
9 – Antwerp, BE - Trix Club - 10 am
10 – Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg - 10 am
11 – Paris, FR - Cigale - 10 am
13 – London, UK – Heaven - 9 am
16 – Vienna, AT – Porgy & Bess - 10 am


HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I HAVE BEEN COMING TO AUSTRALIA FOR THIS LONG AND ONLY JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT "BANANAS IN PYJAMAS"?!?!? i just did an interview for the ABC, airing in a few minutes (1:30pm adelaide time) or go listen to the stream here:

Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel Announce New Album 'I Can Spin a Rainbow'

thanks Rolling Stone. meanwhile - people are joining the patreon left and right to snap up the album pre-sale patron tickets .. its insane to the public this friday but to patrons NOW:

LOVING. Amanda Palmer and Legendary Pink Dots' Edward Ka-Spel joined forces on a new album, 'I Can Spin a Rainbow,' which they will support with a short tour.

CANBERRA!!!! WE ARE DOING A NINJA BIKE RIDE TO THE CARRILON BELL TOWER..AGAIN. the last one was historic. seriously. it was the best thing ever.

the show is sold out, but if you couldnt get tickets, just BRING YOUR BIKE! BRING YOUR CHILD! BRING AN ESKIE!!

here's the archived blog from last time around. SEE WHAT I MEAN?

here's the info for THIS YEAR....!!!!!

we're riding at 6pm on FRIDAY, March 3rd!!! (the DAY BEFORE THE GIG at the canberra theater.)

meet **with your bike, or skateboard, or other wheel-ed thing** at 6pm at BentSpoke in Braddon for a ride to the lake.... while everyone is meeting up, you can get beer and food while you wait and get ready for the ride.

we'll be moving throughout, so stay tuned to my twitter feed for location updates throughout the night, i'll try to post occasional updtates about where we're at. we will wind up at some point at the carrilon, RAIN OR SHINE!!!!

WARNING: there may or may not be a glitoris of some sort at the ninja gig.... you'll have to come to find out.


YouTube Pulls Controversial Music Video With Graphic Gay Sex After It Racked Up 700,000 Views


WANT A LESSON IN GAY SEMIOTICS? and more than you bargained for?? so...a few weeks ago, Brendan Maclean shows up to guest with me in melbourne and while in soundcheck, mentions "tra la la i'm making a porny video, i just finished shooting it, tra la la" the way someone else would off-handedly mention they just got their bangs trimmed, or just discovered that their local organic shop now stocks that tea you like in bulk.

and then a few nights ago he was guesting with me in melbourne again and was like " i am making you sit here and you will watch my new video" and so there i sat, because i will basically do whatever brendan tells me, because i love him.

and at first i was like: "aw, this is lovely!" and then i was like: "ohh, this is naughty!" and then i was like "this is fucking brilliant".

and then i was like:

holf fuck me i think brednan maclean needs a nobel prize, some kind of youtube nobel bravery peace prize.

and yes, i can see why it got banned.


it isn't all fun and games. he's been getting a lot of hate on the internet for having made this video, both from the exxxtreme christians and from some parts of the queer community who think he just didn't do it right.

i think he did it right.

AND COME SEE HIM OPEN FOR ME IN ADELAIDE. there are still tickets for both shows, and he's flying over from melbs just to be fabulous with me. this friday and saturday at Her Majesty's Theater.

people. Brendan Maclean defends "House of Air" as art: "This was never a 'marketable' idea, but it was an original one that I cared about. Was it for everyone? Absolutely not. Has it been the most success I've had with anything ever? Absolutely."

the couple in front of us, boarding the plane in new zealand. don't worry, i asked permission. o my god i love them so much.

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of clubs that will not have me. performer, writer, giver, taker, yeller, listener, love-lover, rule-hater. my new release with Jason Webley 'Sketches For the Musical JIB' is available now :

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