Steel Tigers Of Death


Seattle’s princes of punksploitation Steel Tigers of Death! is releasing a new full-length splatter-crafted out of the swaggering, engineered chaos experienced by ape-shit happy crowds in notoriously ecstatic recent live shows. They recorded their roiling, rip-it-up second album Precious Moments at the effervescently creative studio environs of the Vera studios helmed by Jeff McNulty (ofAndroid Hero). Precious Moments has all the piping hot raw power of their previous smattering of singles, EPs, and debut Steel Tigers Proudly Presents Steel Tigers of Death! but with a whole lot more power rock pout and smart-ass sass.

The band is still Remington Steel (drums), El Tigre (guitar), Brad Of (bass/vocals) and Michael Deth (guitar/vocals). “Yep, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘Classic Lineup,’” they say. “We also like to think of ourselves as ‘Handsome,’ ‘Talented,’ and ‘Considerably Younger Than We Actually Are.’” But on their second LP listeners can find musical magic behind the never-revealed-before-they-hit-the-stage matching outfits they’re known for wearing out (meant both ways) when playing live (for example, storming it at the 2010 Seattle Capitol Hill Block Party, and recently opening for Les Savy Fav, and playing out with

“Rapid-fire delivery of their own concoction of punk-metal intensity, surprisingly catchy hooks, and disorienting time signatures. ...Their onstage presence is electrifying, from Legat's fierce and fearless drumming to Brad's manic flailing and cheeky mugging.” --Razorcake

“Next up was another much loved local band: Steel Tigers of Death. Taking just about every Punk Rock influence you can imagine and making a mockery of it, the band uses hilarious outfits, stage names, and ridiculous stage banter to keep the crowd smiling and the energy high. ... They played a blistering set of quick punk songs before stripping down and finishing off in skin tight solid gold booty shorts. Punk Rock, Seattle style…” --Click Dagger

“It plots a course, cranks the speed to ‘skate-punk,’ and finds the straightaway and drives. It's rowdy, trashy and nasty ...”

The History of Punk Rock in 200 Tracks: An 11-Hour Playlist Takes You From 1965 to 2016

Hey, why not come visit us at the Kraken next Wed and argue about what's missing from this with us? It may be that familiarity breeds contempt, and if that’s so, we should all be very glad of the wealth of excellent documentaries correcting the monolithic commercial story of punk, which goes something like this:

Razorcake Issue #46 from 2008, Featuring Killer Dreamer, Dead To Me, Steel Tigers Of Death, New Model Army, and One Punk’s Guide to…

In preparation for Saturday, you can now download the issue of Razorcake in which all our deepest secrets are revealed! (Spoiler: we're idiots) Killer Dreamer, straight outta Pedro. DIY action zombie punk. Hail Gorgomoth.




People have always compared us to #NoMeansNo. They say "Compared to NoMeansNo, you suck."

30 years of putting out some of the best albums in the world, and touring like champs. They will be sorely missed.

Greetings everybody,John here from NMN and with a heavy heart I must announce the retirement of No Means No.A hiatus became a long hiatus and a lingering hiatus has become a permanent one. Thirty-five years and countless miles, a couple thousand shows and many more beers, a bunch of tunes and sweaty hoards of great fans, I can't say thanks enough to everyone.I will continue to post here on our page about the Robots and future projects if and when they happen. Hoping to have the debut Compressorhead album out by next march so you have not heard the last of things yet.So cheers everyone! Raise a glass....xo

Thanks to everyone who came out on a school night! We had a blast (and what a perfect lineup!) If anyone has pictures, post 'em here!


Band Interests

Playing in your home town, getting someplace to sleep in your hometown, getting your hometown to take it's top off.

Band Members

Remington Steele - Drums
El Tigre - Guitar
Bradley Of - Bass
Micheal Deth - Guitar


Current Location

Record Label

Mustard Pack Records

General Manager

The Twelve Headed Serpent of the Abyss
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Kenny G
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