Videos by HEAVYGRINDER from Los Angeles. DJ/Producer/Vocalist Duo. We make Heavy Electronica music ฅ^._.^ฅ

Hello from the event. \m/ with @sonyelectronics <3

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Anime Central 2017 Soap Bubble
So excited to see you all at ACen's Soap Bubble! 😍

Live DJ set at Unfriendly Studios
Live DJ set at Unfriendly Studios!

Hello from Unfriendly Studios!
Hello from Unfriendly Studios!

Slayer - You Against You (HEAVYGRINDER Remix)
We have a brand new remix out now! 😻❤️ https://soundcloud.com/djheavygrinder/you-against-you-heavygrinder-remix

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️

Live from the NAMM Show 2017

LIVE from NAMM2017

Live from Super Potato in Akihabara!

Hello from Akihabara part 2 🇯🇵👋😺💖

Live from Akihabara, Japan 💖🇯🇵

Thank you, Atlanta!
Thank you, Atlanta!

Toledo Rave 4 Ohio Announcement
Super excited to play in Toledo, Ohio on September 17th! :D

Anime Weekend Atlanta Announcement
We're so excited to play at Anime Weekend Atlanta next month! :D

Hello 😍

See some of you at Anime Expo (^o^)/♡♪

Bookings : scott@cybergrooveprod.com

Live at our studio!

Announcing live stream this Saturday!

We'll be at Anime Central Chicago this Saturday!

Being goofy! Like this filter though 🌸😋

Saw the cutest puppy today 😍❤️

HEAVYGRINDER @ The Rave, Milwaukee
Thank you, Milwaukee! You guys were amazing :D Bookings: Scott@CyberGrooveProd.com

ハロー❤️️Accidental robot leg sound 😂 #snapchat

Noob but we are finally on Snapchat 💖

Photoshoot for Rockstar Wigs! <3

Playing Tekken at the arcade in Japan #gamergirl #Tekken7

Setsuna EP Preview
Setsuna will be out next Monday, January 4th!

Here is Bobbie HG's review on the Eris E66 studio monitors from PreSonus Audio Electronics (In Japanese) w subs <3 Eris-E66スピーカー の使用感想をアップしました! Watch more here → https://youtu.be/mVGL6RiYbSk

Kreepsville 666 Photoshoot
Clothing from Kreepsville 666 <3 Track from our upcoming EP 刹那 (Setsuna) <3

Costume Ideas and Halloween Show Announcement
New video blog! <3

#TBT Playing our remix of Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus Big thanks to my dear friend Jay Allen for this clip \m/

Music Update <3 The NEW HG project *Preview* of 'Setsuna' <3 This is what we've been working on! The EP is almost done 新曲 ’刹那'の音源プレビューです✨ Bobbie HG is singing in Japanese on this track ✨

Hello! :3 <3

HEAVYGRINDER "Setsuna" AMV Preview
AMV preview of our upcoming Anime-inspired single, "Setsuna"

Video blog in Japanese (日本語)
Our brand-new release 'Break Free' ft. Jon Howard is out now! Download it here : https://pro.beatport.com/release/break-free/1534682 Here is a Video blog in Japanese (日本語)announcing our upcoming release ^_^ いつも応援ありがとうございます! We <3 You

New HeavyGrinder - Break Free feat Jon Howard
Our brand-new release 'Break Free' ft. Jon Howard is out now! Download it here : https://pro.beatport.com/release/break-free/1534682

Are you ready for June 8th? \m/

Tour with Doyle
Tour Dates with Doyle 4/19 - Lubbock, TX - FMX Birthday Bash 4/21 - Midland, TX - Blue Max 4/23 - Houston, TX - Scout Bar 4/24 - San Antonio, TX - Diablo Music Fest 4/25 - Austin, TX - Red 7 4/26 - Dallas, TX - Three Links 4/29 - Clarksville, TN - The Warehouse 5/1 - Syracuse, NY - The lost Horizon 5/3 - New York, NY - Saint Vitus

Million Friends
I love you guys! Thank you :') <3 \m/

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day ^_^ <3 you guys!

Happy Holidays :)
Happy Holidays + Tour Dates + Freebie announcement! :) <3 \m/ XO

December/January Tour Dates
New video blog! Announcing December/January tour dates :) \m/

ฅ^._.^ฅ <3 \m/ Hello \m/ <3

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you :3 <3 \m/

'Escape' Out October 16th
<3 Hello <3

See you on 4/20 at Hempcon Show \m/ Metal ± Electro Showcase \m/

:) \m/ Using. #fl11 #fruityloops working on my #band project music #hornsup

Hello from the event. \m/ with @sonyelectronics <3

Horns UP Tour Next Stop...HAITI + About 'Disguise'
In case this didn't reach... Here is another Video Blog . :) <3 Haiti Tour Info & Info About My Upcoming Release 'Disguise' \m/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyqX6mojt-I

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