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We broke up, but we use this page to stay in touch with you guys and update y'all on current projects/endeavors. Music, books, jobs, kids...whatever.

Colin Kimble here. Any of you guys going to be around for the NAMM Show in Anaheim this week? I'll be around, let me know!

Ok, here's the deal. I'm giving away signed ACB vinyl when I hit 250 subscribers. There is a promo code "XMAS" you can use and get your first month free.

If you dig ACB and you were a fan of "Come Now Sleep" or "Hell or High Water" then you are going to enjoy this email list because for the next 15 - 20 weeks...that's what I'm writing about. You got nothing to lose. Give it a shot? Please ask any questions you may have in comments. Sign ups close tomorrow night at 8PM CST.

Ok folks, THIS Friday you can start reading my new book about As Cities Burn "Come Now Sleep"/"Hell or High Water" era through my email list. The first chapter will be delivered Friday with a new chapter delivered on each subsequent Friday until the book is finished.

Gotta sign up before Friday though. so get on it.

IF you have any questions or would like clarity on the details leave a comment and I will answer. Thanks. Here's a preview of Chapter one.

Merry Christmas! Try #LUNSFORDWRITESEMAILS for one month FREE

Hey guys, I'm (Aaron Lunsford) giving away one month of this email list I've been promoting for free. If you go to and click on the monthly subscription option and use the code "XMAS" to get your first month free.

You can cancel anytime and this way you will get a chance to see what's it all about, including getting the first couple chapters of the As Cities Burn 2.0 book (which covers Come Now Sleep/Hell or High Water). You will get a notification before you are charged for your second month.

Hope y'all are having a great Christmas. Thanks for checking this out.

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