Ghosts in the Graveyard


It all started with a nightmare vision in Byron's electronic shock rock band with a penchant for theatrics. A band with lyrics that were equal parts horrific, fun, and soul bearing. A band inspired by Cinema, Vaudeville, and Haunted Houses. He shared this vision with a chosen few and Paul Morgan answered the call, creating three demo tracks. These tracks were beyond perfect in capturing the mood and tone of Byron's lyrics, and inspiring new words and vocal melodies. Coming from a Metal and Punk background, Paul brought a much needed edge to the project. With her beautiful voice and classical training it was a forgone conclusion that Shelly would join the band, contributing to the lyrics and vocals on numerous tracks. Together the three couldn't be stopped, and the Ghosts in the Graveyard were born.

The debut album by shock rockers, Ghosts in the Graveyard takes you on a sonic journey into the depths of horror, raw emotion, and Halloween fun. This synth-heavy album is filled with up tempo madness, slowed down trip-hop inspired meditations, emotional ballads, and operatic explosions.
Every song tells a story told with heart, fury, and a crooked smile.

A fun show and fun adventures with @[722866822:2048:Amelia Tan] and her awesome team! Photos by @[100000380502137:2048:Diaz Oliver]!

A fun show and fun adventures with Amelia Tan and her awesome team! Photos by Diaz Oliver!

Last week was great! Thank you to everyone that came to the shows in Portland and Seattle! Thank you Amelia Arsenic for headlining these shows and for you and your team being such great human beings! Thank you Michael Wimer for being our every supportive label owner and tour manager! Thank you to Derek Moore, Jon, and the whole awesome gang at the amazing Lovecraft Bar! As a lifelong horror fan It's an honor to perform there. Thank you to Ali Mojallal and the entire Mechanismus team! You're always wonderful! Thank you to The Walking Wounded for opening the Seattle show. You're awesome! And thank you so much to Shelly Smith and Paul Morgan for being the best collaborators and bandmates I could ever ask for. I love you both. As always we have a lot of things in the works. Stay tuned for new songs, new shows, new videos, and more HORROR!!!!!

Happy Halloween Forever!!!!


Photos by @[265980463788883:274:Cybermind Photography]

Photos by Cybermind Photography

Thank You to everyone that came to the show last night. Thank You to Ali and the Mechanismus team for being great. Thank you to The Walking Wounded for opening the night, and a huge thank you to Amelia Arsenic for having us along on these shows and being an amazing performer and human being!!!

Tales from the road....

On the road to Seattle with @ameliaarsenic!! Time to play a crazy show! #ghostsinthegraveyard #ameliaarsenic #betterinblack #carbonblack #mechanismus #thehighline #valentinesdeathtour #happyhalloweenforever

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"Better in Black" by Ghosts in the Graveyard

Band Members

Byron C. Miller - Lead Vocals, Lyrics
Paul Morgan - Music Creator, Back Up Vocals, Live Guitar
Shelly Miller - Vocals, Live Keyboard


Record Label

A.D.S.R. MusicWerks
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