Shai Hulud

Humanity. Ultimately. Leaves. Us. Doomed.

"We have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen." - Stilgar


Our pal, @lordxavier - the lovely and pissed off singer of @fortywinters, shared this yesterday, citing lyrics from the last song on the album, #ColdLordQuietus - one of our favorites, and one we have never played live. ----- ----- Cold Lord Quietus is about watching someone you love dearly succumb to death, slowly, with every next breath. It is a unique and dreadful experience. As death takes your loved one, it imposes upon you a deeper introspection, an acute examination of your very worst characteristics, your every flaw illuminated, rendering not only someone in mourning, but someone in questioning -- "How could I have ever believed I was worth this person's love?" #MisanthropyPure #Repost @lordxavier (@get_repost)
Submit to fear. Bow to sorrow. Assent to death. The cold lord governs by decree.

#MCM since 1978, and still going strong. #AlwaysAndForever #ChristopherReeve #SupermanTheMovie #ChristopherReeveISSuperman #MisanthropistsLoveMovies

We all love Dee Dee King, but make no mistake, CJ was a killer Ramone. Great voice, great player, and he reinvigorated the band. This live footage of @theecjramone and @lemmy_kilmister_ covering R. A. M. O. N. E. S. is my favorite of his many highlights. --- --- #Ramones #RamonesForever #GabbaGabbaSeeThemGo #Misfits #TwilightZone #CJNowHitTheGas #MarkTakesItUpTheA$$

Just got around to listening to the newest @abovethisfire album. If you're from or near Cleveland, you already know. Those who don't, head to iTunes and pick up their newest self-titled album, it's easily their best yet, surely my favorite. Speaking for this album, specifically, though not cleanly categorizable, to call it "Melodic Hardcore" isn't entirely inaccurate, that is, if you can utter said words without throwing up all over yourself and your dog. 🐶 In any case, take melodic and emotion-driven aspects of Shai Hulud guitars, mix them into a light and tasty Comeback Kid broth, and season heavily with Above This Fire - an approach and individuality that can only come from a collection of people with various musical influences, who have long since mastered the art of not giving a fuck. Get on it. Killer @derekhess artwork as well. #AboveThisFire #Cleveland #Melt #Clevo #DerekHess

@revelationrecords made yellow the color of Hardcore (with some early establishment courtesy of @badbrainsofficial, of course). Their commitment to yellow has not gone dull. Yellow till death. Hardcolor lives. Check out the newest pressing of #ThatWithinBloodIlltempered at While there, more importantly, make sure you purchase the new reissues of classic #Bathory and our beloved @voivodofficial albums also on sale.
#Repost @revelationrecords (@get_repost)
Just cracked a new pressing of Shai Hulud That Within Blood and they are on clear gold for the first time! Available now at Excelsior! #shaihulud #thatwithinbloodilltempered #revelationrecords #revhq

Breathe easy, friends... #GivenFlightByDemonsWings #NewJersey

Our hearts are bleeding yet again. "The thought that anyone could go to a concert and not come home is heartbreaking." - spoken by the principal of one of the victims, an 8 year old girl named Saffie Rose.
Expressing condolences, hope, and strength to everyone affected by the bombing.
We have many wonderful friends in Manchester. Friends, please check in.
Words cannot express...

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Dune, The Road Warrior, Robocop, Star Trek

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A Collection of Cynics and Outcasts


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