I'm just a cat in a leather jacket singing over beats sweeter than candy.

Hi! I'm Marissa or better known as Cartography! I like to sing so that is something that I do! I've been singing since I was tot and I have been writing lyrics since I became edgey at 10. I collect music in my spare time and I fan hard. I've been a radio dj and I release mixes via tumblr every now and then to ensure my hipster status. Please send me a message if my voice tickles you in all the right places and you'd like to use it. I will try my best to please sensai ;w;

OSLO - Forgotten (feat. Cartography)

An old one. :) I'm starting a music course tomorrow. I know its been a long time. I really want to get back to it. Thank you for sticking with me supporters. I hope there will be more to give soon. soundcloud cartography music


In case you forgot this amazing remix of my track with Cartography existed. So goooood

Hey guys. I have a lot of projects that I need to work on. Some are finished on my end but not on the other end. I am sorry I have been so busy. Music is so important to me and one of my dreams is to continue to create it for people that want to hear it. I just started a new job so my time is even less now. But I know I will come back to this. Thank you all for your love and patience. I've had the chance to work with so many artists that I respect so much. I've made so many friends. I know there is going to be more in the future. :)

look who is on Pandora!!!

I get scared to do covers. I worry I won't do them justice, or rather that I don't. My poor dear, Peter, has helped make so many backgrounds for me to get insecure over. I think I'm going to push myself soon and release anyway! I have this old cover of a Daughter song, that I think I may re-do or put up! :)

Been experimenting lately! Would anyone like to take a peak behind the Miss Cartography's Door #1? 1 is vocal mix with my pipes doing all sorts of sounds at the same time! Door #2 is me grabbing random things in my room and trying to sing while using them as instruments. Both of these are bad LOL. But---I did figure out some things by doing them!


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