IL TUSCO feat. Luke Smith


Diego Tuscano is a special and unique artist, one who has discovered the true essence of music that lies within him, and is driven by a passion typical of a professional musician. For more than twenty years Diego has been an active member of the Italian rock music scene, heavily influenced by the rock and blues scene that continues to flourish around the world, and has great appreciation and understanding of music sung in Italian or English. Because of his devotion and dedication Diego been very much appreciated on the UK rock scene in recent years, and has recently collaborated with Turin based singer/guitarist Mao (Mauro Gurlino). For the latest musical venture Diego is joined by a lifelong friend and companion Steo Trieste, who played with Diego in the legendary SanniDei, and again more recently with the ever evolving Il Tusco line up. He is also joined on bass Alessandro Allera and Todaro on drums. This new exciting line-up came together in the summer of 2015. This new project combines the urgency, freshness and instinct which enable to capture all the vital components of rock, blues, progressive and psychedelic music. If you want to hear music played with passion and dedication, then il Tusco is for you! There is currently great excitement for the original song writing and collaboration that will make up the songs on the new album, which is expected in the near future. Being passionate about music the band have decided to release the album on vinyl, comprising a dozen songs that will leave you in no doubt that rock music is very much alive today. Il Tusco- in concerto per sempre.

Il Tusco Feat. Luke Smith CD

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Il Tusco Feat.Luke Smith Il Tusco

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Band Members

Diego Tuscano (voce)
Steo Trieste (basso)
Todaro (batteria-voce)
AleAlle (basso)
Luke Smith (guitars)
Lerco (guitars)

Record Label

Ashburn Artists