I am a aspiring rapper from Seattle, Washington. I am currently working on my up and coming mixtape entitled "23 Years Of Therapy" Please show your support

23 years old grew up in Seattle, Wa. Reside in southern California. I've been writing music since high school but i just started recording my first mixtape titled "23 Years Of Therapy" in late 2013. I am a huge Hip Hop and altogether music fan and inspire a lot of my work by some of my favorite artists. I pride myself on my lyrical content and what i stand for in my music and i use it as a form of therapy which is why i titled my first mixtape after that. I am looking to branch out reach people as listeners or for working relationships. Contact me on here or @ my emai:l

This is my artist page/ fan page where i will be uploading all of my latest music, posts, pictures, upcoming project info,etc.

Eye's Wide Shut

NEW MUSIC! Everybody please checkout my brother's album!! I'm on several songs on here and helped produce this project!!! Very proud of how it turned out! Thank you all for your support! I tried to put together a collection of music for everyone from Lyrical raw hip-hop to something a little more mainstream an even some EDM an rock inspired songs. 17 tracks from all different stages o

"Paint me as a sinner as long as you paint me in the picture"

If you haven't listened to it at this

Finishing up all the final touches to the mixtape! 23 Years Of Therapy! May 5th!

My grandparents like my mixtape. If thats not what counts then I dont know what does

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