The Beginning of Viperous

Teen metal band from Ashburn, Virginia.

Music heavier than the weight of the world on your shoulders.
This is The Beginning Of Viperous.

We are The Beginning Of Viperous, a teen metal/hardcore band from Ashburn, Virginia. We make music for our fans enjoyment! We are producing an album in the studio, and we are currently writing songs.
We are a new band, and we don't have many fans yet! Please support us by liking out page!


It's been a while... It's been too long. I miss the old TBOV days, with some of my two best friends, jamming out every weekend. It was great! I miss you guys, we gotta hangout again!

- Andrew

Meet teh creww!

Zone out

Band practice at Andrew's house at 9:00 am on the day of Battle Of The Bands. #DoomZ #Live

Come and see us perform in nov 2, at the battle of the bands. Location is at Rust Libary at 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there. Also, check out one of our band members dubspet!

Buhthoal (Original Mix) (Song preview)

New song?! Butthole dubstep XD Love making weird tracks like this one.

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Band Interests

8 strings, bass drops, pig squeals, and breakdowns.

Band Members

Ivy Protos
Ben Fraser
Andrew Reale


Current Location

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