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Ransom and the Subset's "No Time to Lose" available Now. iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, and at wwww.ransomandthesubset.com

Ransom and the Subset is an American alternative rock band based in Seattle, Washington. With a refreshing pop-rock sound, their music is clearly driven by strong melodies and well-crafted arrangements. Along with infectious hooks and witty, insightful lyricism, Ransom and the Subset delivers a dynamic blend of power pop from decades past along with a strong element of modern rock.

Ransom and the Subset is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist RanDair Porter. Heavily stocked with self-made demos, Porter sought out and engaged with the talent of producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian E. King (OranJuly and Parks) and Grammy-winning engineer/mixer Ducky Carlisle (Mike Viola, Bleu, Major Labels, Taylor Locke and the Roughs). The team of three collaborated to create Ransom and the Subset’s debut album No Time to Lose.

Over the course of a year, Porter flew to Boston to work with King and Carlisle on the album, making a stop in NYC where he worked with Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) as well. The famed artist contributed both guitar and bass guitar to the track “Sticking Onto You Intermixed with many flights across the country, Porter also sought out collaboration at home in Seattle. Luck and perseverance served in his favor, as he garnered the talent of great Seattle musicians like Mike Musburger (formerly of the Posies) on drums and Mike Squires (formerly with Harvey Danger) on bass guitar, providing the driving rhythm section for “Leaving With You'.

Ransom and the Subset’s album “No Time to Lose” will be released in Japan September 4th, 2014. Shortly following will be a release in the U.S., England, Spain, and other countries.

Ransom and the Subset's first single - "Million Out of Me" was selected as a top 10 finalist in the Alchemy Song Writing competition and top 5 rock songs in the international SongDoor Song Writing competition.

“Stunning guitar arrangements and well-crafted, infectious songs: Ransom and the Subset is right on the mark. RanDair—the singer/songwriter behind the project—is a clever writer, talented singer, and the sound and production of his debut album No Time to Lose is simply as professional and as high-quality as you can get. Ransom and the Subset need to get snatched up by one of the major labels out there.” -Keith Olsen, Famed Producer of Rick Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Sammy Hagar, Eddie Money, Six-time Grammy Award Winner, recipient of Billboard's Top 5 Producers in the World, Lifetime Achievement Hollywood F.A.M.E. Award Winner.

“Ransom and Subset have captured the perfect sunny day, a double strawberry cone and the giddiness of your first kiss and on their exuberant collection of 11 radio-ready songs.”
Sue Ennis – Songwriter for the legendary group Heart and National Trustee for the Recording Academy”


Just wrote about your great record on my music blog here:

Ransom and the Subset still making the yearly countdowns!

Had a chance to see Look Park open for Squeeze Official last night.
Look Park is Fountains of Wayne front man Chris Collingwood's solo project.



Some of the physical "No Time to Lose" CD's we shipped contained a nice artful lyric book. Many of those went to Japan or Amazon. Unfortunately we shipped many without the book. For those who missed out you can download/view the lyrics here.


No Time to Lose Album Sampler


If you are just finding out about Ransom and the Subset.... Here's a sample of their album "No Time to Lose"


soundcloud.com Ransom and the Subset - No Time to Lose Tune Stack Records

"No Time to Lose" still getting airplay both on radio and internet.
Here's a list of a few stations that tweeted over the last 24 hours..
Notice stations all have their favorite song!

Headbangers fm - "Girl I'm Not Afraid"
WNR Radio "Leaving With You"
KUMM-FM "When Will I See You"
97.7 WRNC "Leaving With You"
WHFR 89.3 FM "Sticking Onto You"
The Music Authority "Anna"

Thanks to all for keeping us in the rotation!!!

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When Will I See You - Parks

Band Members

RanDair Porter - Songs /Vocals, Guitar

Brian E. King - Guitars, Bass, Keys and Background Vocals
Ducky Carlisle - Drums, Background Vocals, Engineer

Additional acknowledgements:
Production & engineering by Joe Reineke at Orbit Audio Seattle
Guitar -Jon Memolo
Bass - Mike Squires
Drums - Mike Musburger
Guitar - Mike Squires
Guitar and Bass - Jody Porter
Drums - Weston Kleinknecht
Guitar - Michael Lewis
Guitar - Michael Dinallo
Trumpet - Matthew A. Girard


Current Location

Record Label

Tune Stack Records / DayLight - Japan
Tune Stack Records - USA
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Kenny G
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