An alternative rock/hip-hop band performing in the Pacific Northwest.

In the summer of 2013, Rollin Frank gathered most of what would become Arcanum with the intent of creating a backing band for his rap pursuits. As they played together, they began combining alternative rock music, jazz/blues flavored vocals, and lyrical hip-hop. They are currently playing in/around Seattle and the wider Pacific Northwest and hard at work at a short EP.
Based in Seattle, Arcanum features rapping by Rollin Frank, vocals by Jesse Lewis, keyboard, guitar, drums, bass and various other instrumentation.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Between donations and profits for ticket sales, we manage to generate $260 to donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross! We also had a great night playing for you and celebrating a few birthdays. All in all a great night! Thank you again, and hope to see you at Band Together III: The Second Sequel.

Wonderful news everyone. We are practicing again. Already have things set up for next month. Stay tuned.

Tonight is the night guys! 8:00 at studio seven. This is it!

Sad news everyone. After the show on the 22nd, Arcanum will be taking an indefinite hiatus. This will for sure be the final show with this particular line-up as some are moving to bigger projects that require more time, and others are just plain moving. We want this to be the best show we can and end this year long run with a bang. I know it's a big part of our life so we'd like to share it with you if we can. Hit any of us up for tickets and we will make sure you see us one last time.

Portland, you were so good to us last night. I can't wait to find an excuse to see you again. We love you!

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Rollin Frank
Robert Keene
Cole Stevens


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