Rick Kilian

Based out of St. Louis MO, Rick Kilian is a piano/pop/rock singer/songwriter.

Rick Kilian has always had his own brand of piano pounding pop/rock and 2016 is looking like a pivotal year for this St. Louis based artist.

"I'm always toying around with new songs, but it feels different when I know I'm writing for an album" says Kilian. Currently working on his fourth album Kilian states "There's still a lot of work to be done, but I like working with a deadline...I'm just not ready to publicly announce that deadline yet" he laughs.

Kilian started writing and recording his own music at the age of 14 while still in high school. 2005 saw the release of "Rick and a Piano". 2 years later Kilian released "Then and Now". "I learned a lot about my writing style and how I wanted to sound on those early albums...it took me a while to mature that sound into today" says Kilian.

2008-2013 Kilian took a break from recording and spent the years writing and playing shows. Kilian states "I wanted to take some time to really work on my musicianship and my stage show". Playing all over Missouri Kilian became a regular on the piano bar circuit.

2013 ended with the release of his third album "Maybe we'll find love". "I really like all the songs on it [Maybe we'll find love]. It was a lot of fun developing them all over the course of a couple years. By the end of the album I had a really good understanding of where my sound was going." says Kilian.

"A few more years of playing shows, and now I feel I'm ready to produce something I'm really proud of. For me this is like a new start with bigger and better songs and the stage presence to put on a killer show" states Kilian. 2016 will see Kilian's live performance calendar fill with concerts and ultimately end where he started. A recording studio pushing the most out a piano he can possibly get. "I have some great ideas, it's just a matter of figuring them out. I've got the most badass rhythm section in my head, it's just getting that onto a record." says Kilian. "I'm excited for everyone to hear it!"

And we can't wait to listen...

Next To You (Demo)


Want to hear what the new album will sound like? Check this out!

soundcloud.com Demo of Next to You a song from Rick's upcoming album

Have my Press Kit finished would love to know some contacts to send it to!!

Any of my creative friends that would like to help make my Press Kit look nice I'd greatly appreciate the help!

Guess what I'm listening to?! You should check it out. If you liked the video you'll love the full band demo! https://soundcloud.com/rick-kilian/why-cant-we-be-that-demo

Getting ice cream with the family! Then home to work on a demo for the new album!

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Bringing fun piano pop/rock songs to the masses!

Also just having a good time sharing music with everybody!

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Rick Kilian
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