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With a passion for music, superhuman dexterity and mastery of the musical marathon, KJ Sawka is world renowned drummer extraordinaire. From continuously touring the globe to conquering the electronic music scene by going platinum with super group Pendulum (original live EDM band of 'Knife Party' superstars, Rob Swire and Garreth McGrillen) to challenging status quo with his live dubstep band Destroid, (a power trio comprised of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka) KJ Sawka is a force to be reckoned with. Utilizing a half-acoustic, half-electronic drum set, laptop and a multitude of triggered effects, the original human drum machine produces dynamically enthralling live electronica with an all-but-unmatched aggression. With a deeply rooted, rich musical history, his influence helped to pave the way for the electronic music movement; KJ Sawka is one of the original groundbreaking artist connecting live instrumentation with the digital age and sound we know today as EDM.

And as if all of that wasn't enough; 2015 christened the birth and launch of his latest passion project Impossible Records, a multi-genre electronic dance music label. In less than two years the independent label has hit the ground running with 20+ #1 hits on the Beatport Music charts and notoriety and praise pouring in from major music blogs and top producers worldwide.

KJ Sawka - "Unity of Purpose" On a cold winters day in October a child was born and at that moment, a rumble was felt throughout the world; an omen of all the bass yet to come. Fast forward to present day and KJ Sawka has been an unstoppable force breaking down even the most immovable of objects. He has unleashed singles, remixes, and worldwide platinum records with the likes of Pendulum, Destroid, Conspirator, Blood Drums, ill.Gates, and Mr. Bill while also touring worldwide and giving back to producers everywhere.

KJ along with his wife Cori hold down the prominent Impossible Records, through which they set loose number one record after number one record of some of the gnarliest heavy hitting bass music around. KJ Sawka returns after 5 years of world domination with a 5 track EP titled ͚Unity of Purpose.͛ This beast of an EP is riddled with his live drum breaks and other live instrumentation from years of world influence. Starting with the epic ͚Prelude͛, an orchestral collaboration with Jason Camiolo who writes the majority of amazing music on the worldwide ͚History Channel͛ sets a dark and melodic tone foreshadowing what is to come.

Next, the long awaited, ͚Face Crack͛; a crushing dubstep/metal rock tune featuring KJ͛s brother Keith Sawka on guitar which creates a live rock feel to the dubstep bombs intended to ͚crack some faces͛ on the dance floor. ͚Running Away͛ a melodic drum n bass stemmer features the dark and beautifully crafted vocals of worldwide artist Emilia Sosa. ͛The Time Has Come͛a drumstep smasher with influence of Kj͛s group Destroid delivers that alien bass cannon sound at high speeds. Lastly, ͚Monster͛, another drumstep mover goes deeper into more musical vibes traveling away from the dance floor a bit and entering melodic chill side that once again features the spine tingling vocals of the great Emilia Sosa. This EP is producer friendly with fully integrated ͚NI STEM͛release as well as Ableton sessions and midi fighting packs for each song.

KJ Sawka returns after 5 years of world domination with a 5 track EP titled Unity of Purpose, This beast of an EP showcases the diverse raw musical talent KJ has developed over decades of dedication and collaboration. The EP starts, off with Prelude; an epic collaboration between KJ and Jason Camiolo that sets a dark and melodic tone for the rest of the EP.


"KJ Sawka is the master of drum and bass drumming. Plain and simple. Kevin has been involved in some of the biggest names in EDM, and continues to release top notch work as both a drummer and producer. I need not say too much, because once you watch this video, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Consistently considered one of the go to guys for drum and bass rhythms that will rip your ears off, he’s only going to get bigger from here. Destroid, which includes masterminds Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka is coming towards an end to their 2013 tour. Seeing them live is something else if you never have. Check out their remaining dates below and watch Kevin “Destroy” it on the drums.

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KJ Sawka plays some of the rawest drums around. And that's before he adds electronics. On an acoustic drumset he creates the whirs, delays, effects, and sonic dislocations of electronic music. Adding an arsenal of devices further broadens his palette, providing an atmospheric bed for his extremely visceral drumming. "I really try to re-create the drum machine beats of electronic music with an acoustic drumset, simultaneously triggering the actual snare, kick, and hi-hat sounds," Sawka explains from London. "I try to sound as electronic as possible. I become the machine."

London awaits... Pendulum 2017 Seoul Drum Festival

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