Crossbows and Catapults

We are not the board game. We are a turbulent combination of lethal accuracy and chaotic power.

Bass is 68.75% done. #EscapeFromGarbageIsland

Recording begins in two days. #EscapeFromGarbageIsland

To anyone out there listening to the new At the Drive-In: Don't be discouraged! Crossbows and Catapults will also be releasing a new post-hardcore album in 2017-- And it won't be recorded underwater! #xbows2017 #crossbows2017 #catapults2017

#crossbows2017 #catapults2017

Thanks to everyone that came out tonight and waited in the crazy lines for the show! See you next time

We have another show coming up!

We still have Teeeeeeee shirts, cds, and stickers left if you wanna get your hands on that hot c+c merch.

Dynamite Nugget and Critté & The Borzoi will be rocking out with us at this next show.

We got #tshirts tonight!

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Band Members

Mike LaGiglio
Jesse Maxwell
Brad Stemke


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