Medicine Bows

Loud. Quiet. Loud. Repeat.

Holy Hannah #pinesfestival was a blast! Thanks to everybody who played/camped/hung out/danced! Tip of the hat to Keith Martinez for snapping this crazy picture. Medicine Bows is playing next Oct 7 with Goblin Cock at Funhouse!

We're beyond stoked to play the first Pinefest. We are drinking and smoking nothing but pine to get ready. And watching Chris Pine movies. Pine.

Medicine Bows continues an amazing streak of promotional brilliance TODAY. Come see us at the High Dive in Fremont with Stereo Kisses, Speed of Sound, and Clay Temples (Idaho Falls) TODAY. Invest TODAY. Dive TODAY

Bozeman. You have a Hofbrau Haus. We will play there with Slow Code. Be there for glorious noise.

Mighty bassist Jables has a birthday and a Medicine Bows show in Boise tonight. Plus it's about 99 degrees in this Slow Code van of love. Come out and buy him a frosty oat soda, eh Boise?

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