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Over the course of her career, Colombian singer-songwriter and Grammy winner Shakira has sold over 60 million records worldwide and has won numerous awards including two Grammys, eight Latin Grammys, and several World Music Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, to name a few. She is the only artist from South America to have a number one song in the US, and has had four of the 20 top-selling hits of the last decade. At the age of 18, she founded the Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation which currently provides education and nutrition to over six thousand impoverished children in Colombia and is expanding its work to other countries, including newly launched projects in Haiti and South Africa.  In October 2011, Shakira was named a member of President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.  Shakira served as coach on the 4th and 6th season of "The Voice," NBC's hit reality vocal competition series that searches for the nation's best voice. Her tenth studio album “Shakira” was released in 2014, featuring hits such as “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” with Rihanna and “La La La (Brazil 2014)” which she performed at the finals of Fifa's World Cup 2014 in Brazil. In 2016, she starred as Gazelle in Disney’s record-breaking film “Zootopia,” as well as contributing to its soundtrack with “Try Everything”. In June, she launched “La Bicicleta” with fellow Colombian artist Carlos Vives, which broke records in Colombia when it remained #1 for 18 consecutive weeks and spent 13 weeks at #1 in Spain, as well as reaching #1 on US Latin iTunes. The video, shot in Shakira and Carlos’s hometowns of Barranquilla and Santa Marta, respectively, has over 350 million views on Vevo to date. Shakira is currently back in the studio recording new music for an upcoming Spanish-language release. 

En el curso de su carrera, la cantante y compositora colombiana, ganadora de varios GRAMMY®, Shakira ha vendido más de 60 millones de discos a nivel mundial y ha conquistado múltiples premios, incluyendo dos GRAMMY®, ocho  Latin GRAMMY®, cuatro World Music Awards, tres American Music Awards y cinco Billboard Music Awards, por mencionar algunos. Shakira es la única artista de Sudamérica que ha logrado tener una canción en primer lugar en Estados Unidos y también cuatro de los 20 discos más vendidos en la última década. A la edad de 18 años, estableció la fundación “Pies Descalzos”, que en la actualidad ofrece educación y alimentación a más de seis mil niños en Colombia y se está expandiendo hacia otros países, incluyendo a Haití y Sudáfrica. En octubre de 2011, Shakira fue nombrada a la Comisión del Presidente Barack Obama para la Excelencia en la Educación de los Hispanos. Además, Shakira sirvió de coach en la cuarta temporada de "The Voice," el exitoso programa de competencia vocal de NBC que busca la mejor voz del país, y regresó como coach en su sexta temporada. Su último álbum, Shakira, fue lanzado en el 2014 e incluyó hits como “Can’t Remember To Forget You” con Rihanna y “La La La (Brazil 2014)” que interpretó en vivo en la final de la Copa Mundial Fifa 2014. En el 2016 Shakira puso la voz al personaje de Gazelle en la producción de Disney “Zootopia” que batió récords de taquilla y en la que también participó en su banda sonora con la canción “Try Everything”. En junio de este mismo año lanzó “La Bicicleta” con el cantante colombiano Carlos Vives, rompiendo records en su país donde estuvo número #1 por más de 18 semanas consecutivas. En España, “La Bicicleta” estuvo 13 semanas en el #1 y llegó a ser #1 en US Latin de iTunes. El video, que se grabó en Barranquilla y Santa Marta, lugar donde nacieron Shakira y Carlos Vives respectivamente, ya tiene más de 350 millones de reproducciones en Vevo a día de hoy. En estos momentos Shakira se encuentra en el estudio grabando nueva música para su próximo álbum en español.

Getting ready to shoot with Black M / Je m'apprête à tourner avec Black M / Preparándome para rodar con Black M

Ready for some bachata with Prince Royce? #Dejavu, out today!
Están listos para un poco de bachata con Prince Royce? #Dejavu ya está disponible! Shak

~ Out today! Deja Vu, Shak’s new track with Prince Royce! Listen to the song on Spotify ->
~ Ya disponible! Deja Vu, la nueva canción de Shak con Prince Royce! Escúchenla en Spotify aquí ->

The recent ban on people from seven mainly Muslim nations entering the U.S. proposed by Donald Trump and currently being reviewed in courts has ignited cries of resistance from both within the U.S. and abroad. I’d like to take a minute, with your indulgence, to add my voice to the heap. Because this is not just a U.S. issue. This is a human issue that has implications for all of us; American and non-American citizens like myself.

Persecution against any group for religious beliefs or race is illegal and unconstitutional in the U.S. Period.

This isn't just an attack on Muslims or refugees — this is an attack on all humans and in particular, the ones most in need of protection. Right now, worldwide, 28 million children have been uprooted by conflict, driven from their homes by violence and terror. Children know no nations and no borders; those who survive will grow up to follow the lead of those who take them in. Do we show them love and acceptance? Or allow them to fend for themselves, vulnerable to guerrilla groups that will only teach them to perpetuate this cycle of violence?

We have to be vigilant about letting bigotry and hatred creep into the mainstream or be rationalized under the guise of "protecting our people." If we accept blanket targeting towards Muslims, we can all be sure that other minority groups won’t be far behind, whether it’s by closing borders to other supposed “dangerous” groups or trampling their human rights in other ways.

Muslims are our people. They are human beings with children, needs and dreams like the rest of us. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and by the way, not all terrorists are Muslims.

Latinos are our people. They don’t come to “steal jobs” — they come seeking an opportunity to build a better life for themselves and for their children, which is what the U.S. has always prided itself on representing: opportunities. They are a huge part of the workforce that has contributed to making America the great country it is today.

African Americans are our people. After enduring centuries of oppression and the countless human atrocities that were committed against them, after fighting for civil rights, it’s devastating that racial profiling is still happening and their civil liberties are still being threatened.

I could go on naming groups ad infinitum, but the point is, we shouldn’t be singling out groups and differentiating them by race, class or religion, because according to the Constitution, all of that is irrelevant to their rights as a citizen. Anybody who goes to the U.S. and chooses to raise that flag and uphold those principles is "our people."

Thanks to social networks, we all have a platform to use our voice today. For every post I see with hateful language, I see others that lift my spirits and reassure me that we haven’t totally lost our way. Lawyers in airports offering free counsel to refugees, New Yorkers banding together on the subway to erase neo-Nazi vandalism, doctors volunteering their time to give free advice to women that need it, and citizen activists marching for equal rights for all.

Let’s keep tipping the scales in favor of “liberty and justice for all,” keep using our voices to lift up others and speak out for those whose voices have been stripped from them. I applaud all of you who have spoken out against the ban—keep up the good fight and never back down. #resist

9 nominaciones! Muchas gracias Premios Billboard y mis felicitaciones a todos los otros artistas nominados! Wow, 9 nominations! Thank you Billboard Latin and congrats to all the other artists nominated! Shak

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