The Arsonists

The Arsonists are a band of musicians that destroyed the entire central business district of Seattle, Washington, USA, on June 22, 2012.

The Arsonists Event was an enormously powerful explosion that occurred near Egan's Ballard Jam House in what is now a crater in Seattle, Washington.

In a version that has been scientifically proven by its introducers, the Arsonists Event was the outcome of an experiment of Nikola Tesla who is said to have activated his "death ray" aimed at the location of the Arsonists in order to save Ballard from total annihilation. Instead, according to this factual version, the ray connected with Patrick Bartley's Nintendo DS and was amplified exponentially, tearing a hole in the space-time continuum and causing the Tunguska Event of 1908.

"F***! Just F***. You guys were literal piss" (that's a good thing) - Blake Hawley

"Pure rage" -Aaron Parks

Seattle! Our last show of the foreseeable future is tonight at the Royal Room! Also featuring great new bands led by Steve Treseler and our very own Xavier Del Castillo! 7:30-10:30 <3

Jazz: The 2nd Century Series: The Arsonists / OverPlay w/ Sister Nader | Earshot Jazz

The call has been sounded, and we are converging in SEATTLE for 3 SHOWS this WEEK!
7/14 - Earshot's Jazz: The Second Century Series
7/15 - Egan's Ballard Jam House
7/17 - The Royal Room (double-bill with Del Castillo/Zickafoose 5-tet)

Join us for a single/double/triple dose of scorching new music! The Arsonists It all began in 2012, when four friends from Seattle – drummer Max Holmberg, bassist Mat Muntz, pianist Julian Garvue, and tenor saxophonist Xavier Del Castillo – collided with alto saxophonist Patrick Bartley, from Fort Lauderdale. A deep connection within the newly founded quintet wa...

The Arsonists - Videos

New videos from our performance at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, CA are up thanks to an incredibly supportive audience member! Thanks Jill!!video/cszo Videos of The Arsonists - in Boston at B Good in 2014

We had an amazing time playing at The Jazz Station in Eugene! Many thanks to all the volunteers there, especially to Mike, who had us over for a fantastic breakfast this morning. Next stop: Johnny B's in Medford with our good friends in Yaarow!

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Band Interests

Zoroastrianism, fire-raising, metal-melting

Band Members

Patrick Bartley - Alto Saxophone/Nintendo DS
Xavier Del Castillo - Tenor Sax
Julian Garvue - Piano/Keyboard
Mat Muntz - Bass
Max Holmberg - Drums


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Sweaty Gooch Brewery/Records

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