The Oompah Machine

The Oompah Machine was formed in 2015 as part of the Oktoberfest celebration in Seattle, WA

Oompah Machine is having a blast at the last day of Kirkland Oktoberfest! It was hard competing with the Wiener Dog Races, though!

Today! Tomorrow too! Kirkland Oktoberfest!

Hey, if she plays the clarinet, I can drink more.

Sooooooo, still not sure you're coming to the Kirkland Oktoberfest? We play, whatever, like all afternoon Saturday and Sunday.

Kirkland Oktoberfest

Looks like this Kirkland Oktoberfest isn't going away. Shit.

Okay, here we go! Fire up the engines and don ur dirndls. We'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

Pass me a marzen. [Is that a thing? I hope I didn't just blow it.]

The Seattle's Authentic Oktoberfest Tradition.
Craft and German beers, HOT sausages and SIZZLING Oompah music!
Save the date September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th 2017!

Thank god that's over. Whew. Uhhh, wait, we gonna do Kirkland next weekend? Not so sure about that. Give us a few days to think it over.

Band Members

Scott Adams (accordion)
Gary Luke (sousaphone)
Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser (clarinet)
Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser (baritone)


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