House of Tarab


"Tarab" is a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters while listening, with Body and Soul, to music. Whether it’s the dancing strings of the Oud, the weeping melody of the violin, the mystical call of the nay or the pulsating rhythm of the drums...

The " House of Tarab" invites you in.

Welcome home the door is open.

"Salamu Alaikum"

Sorry Friends we are going to have to cancel the June 9th House Concert and Dance Show. We are going to take the summer off and resume in Mid September. Next Public gig is Cinderella: A Global Story by Suzanna Davis on July 29th

Delilah, Suzanna, Mellilah & H.O.T Friday June 9th!

House of Tarab

Each month features Delilah and 2 professional performers. This Month Suzanna, Mellilah & the incomparable Delilah are the features. Each Dancer performs the full 7 part routine lasting around 20-25 minutes. You as the audience will experience the full evolution of the dance routine.

All performers dance to the live music by House of Tarab. They are well lit and completely surrounded by the band and you the audience. This is an experience like no other.

Advance seating only. That means you either call or pay online. There are very limited spots 35 seats only. Don’t Wait!

Doors open at 7:30pm
Delilah's Home Studio Address is given when seats are purchased

$20 Sorry No Refunds
No small children please.

House of Tarab This event was canceled

If you are coming to the H.O.T House Concert tonight bring cash Delilah is selling of a bunch of actually made in Egypt coin scarves, 3 row, 5 row and some velvets $10

Teatro ZinZanni | Love, Chaos, and Dinner

Next up Brunch! at Teatro Zinzinni for the Belly Dance Off Finals! Saturday November 19th.
How often do you go to a belly dance show with a drink menu that includes a Belly Dance Bloody Mary, Hafla Mimosa, Maya Hips Mojito, Shimmy Sangria, and a Maqam Mule...OMG! Please be sure to communicate that this show is very different from anything else, and it's one day only.

Here are all links you can use to promote. The most important is the first one (tickets!):

Tickets - shows/belly-dance-off/
FB Event RSVP - 739071300
Video Trailer -
Website - nce-off
Official FB Page -

Delilah & H.O.T. in Boise! | StarBelly School of Dance

We are coming to Boise!!! Sept 23-26

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Longa Shahnaz
Longa Shahnaz
House of Tarab and Alimah
House of Tarab and Delilah
VDP Cabaret APR 2012
H.O.T. 2008 CD Release Show


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House of Tarab aka "H.O.T" performs vintage Arabic Music often accompanied by World Class Belly Dancers


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Stephen Elaimy (Ude), David McGrath (Nay), Sean Daly (Bass) , Jane Hall (Riq), Erik Brown (Tabla) Michael Nageub (Keyboards) Members in absentia Sallah Ali LKC, Tracy "Alimah" Helming (Violin) , & Andy Zadrozny


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