Tape Stacks

A Seattle based, 4 piece indie rock band.

Tape Stacks grew up tinkering in junkyards, wrestling alligators, climbing redwoods, and pushing sugar in various corners of the country. They found each other in Seattle in 2011, and have been practicing in Josh & Kara's basement ever since.

Promo party! 🎉

This guy is back. Release show is booked. New songs are being born. 💕😀🎶

Freshly printed & pressed cds arrived today!

Writing new songs feels so good.

Josh is busy making things again, and it sounds so good.

Tape Stacks had a baby (Just in the nick of time to be born an Obama baby)! Can't wait for her to hear how we sound from outside the womb.

We're one step closer to getting this thing out in the world!

Layton is in paradise #keyboardcove

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Band Members

Kara McPhillips
Mandy Hubbard
Josh Buser
Layton Hayes


Current Location

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