Body Betrayal

Queer punk from Seattle, WA born in the summer of '12.

"...harshed-up queer punk seethes with witchy screaming, brutal percussive freak-outs, and jarring stops/starts, with occasional moody interludes."
-Emily Nokes

BB02: SOFT CAGE EP - Tour Cassette
OV03/BB02: SOFT CAGE EP - 12"

Hi everyone,

We have decided to call it quits and lay this project down to rest.
Thank you so much to everyone who supported us along the way. We got to meet some amazing people, made some meaningful friendships, and had the opportunity to play some really fucking incredible shows. Its been a wild ride.

For those who are interested, we have a lot of merch available that
we'd like to give away for FREE. We've got shirts, tapes, pins, patches, and other random goodies. Any donations given to us will be going towards folks struggling in Ferguson. Please feel free to send us an email with your address and which things you'd like to get. We'll let you know if we still have it or not and send it your way. You can look at our merch section on bandcamp and scope out what you'd like. If you don't want to donate, please send us an email with what you'd like. Thanks.

Take Care,
Body Betrayal

Guest spot: BODY BETRAYAL Interview by Krstffr for SPEX

Here's the English version of an interview with our singer Frances that was recently featured in SPEX magazine.. Thanks to Krstffr and the folks at XCLUSIVX for putting this all together and publishing it online. xoxo

"'Body Betrayal” is a reference to multiple things: to the ways we split our personalities to perform service jobs or work for people who exploit us for our labor while having no real say in whether we want to participate in that system, it’s about gender dysphoria, it’s about dissociation from bodies due to previous trauma, it’s about self-hate because of internalized oppression; I’ve described it before as being about a “broken sacred connection.'" *Who is in the band and what do you do if you’re not making music?* Josef plays drums and is in two other Seattle punk bands, Agatha...

Vow & Body Betrayal: Der Vorschein einer anderen Weise

We we're recently featured in SPEX Magazine out of Berlin along with OUR VOLTAGE and label mates VOW. We'll hopefully have the full interview up in English in due time. Mit Body Betrayal und Vow erscheinen auf Our Voltage zwei Bands, die ihre sexualpolitischen Aussagen mit Kunst und Körper transportieren.

Hey!!! I’m just here letting you know that we’re still kicking and screaming. More than half of us just moved to little ol’ Olympia, WA and we had our first practice last night since two of our members left for tour earlier in the summer. We’ve started laying down the ground work for a bunch of new material and there are some big and exciting plans that will start to unfold in the near future. Until then, here’s a cat named Dewey whose made the guitar amp into his new bed.


tomorrow in portland at the new scowling house!

UPDATE: Body Betrayal and Slouch will be playing in PDX Monday, July 14th @ New Scowling House w/ Wretched Of The Earth, Labryse, and Firstworldproblems (Berlin)

Its going to be a fun one. See you there!

Band Members

ELI: Bass / Vocals
JOSEF: Drums


Record Label

Our Voltage (Berlin)


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