Whiskey N' Rye

"American rock music with soul. The band is stellar and the songs are phenomenal" - Independent Music News

Whiskey N' Rye is a hot roots-rock band out of Seattle “who seems to be on the fast track to stardom” (Indie Band Guru). The band formed in 2013 and quickly became known for its explosive live show, touring nationally at some of the best clubs and festivals around (House of Blues, Folklife, Bite of Seattle, Hempfest, Jazzbones). The debut album - a fusion of blues, rock, and Americana - has been picked up by over 200 radio stations across the country, as well as widely popular television shows and networks (The Real World, Kardashians, Nascar, Discovery). Buzz now surrounds the band, whose online following has swelled to over 35,000 people. Independent Music News has described their sound as “honest American rock music with soul. The band is stellar and the songs are phenomenal.”

"Whiskey N' Rye are here to bring a healthy dose of good ol American rock and roll." - Chris Marsh, Cross Radar

"...Seattle-based rock band Whiskey N' Rye are yet another success story bursting to be told. They're eponymous debut album is a soulful effort that is a pleasure to listen to and, like any proud product of the northwest, never forgets its roots...Rock on guys! You can officially count me as a passenger on the 6 a.m. Whiskey N Rye train."- Digi Indie

"Emerging with an allure that has not been seen since the early ages of rock, Seattle band Whiskey N' Rye has unleashed their self-titled album Whiskey N' Rye. As one of the most powerful releases of 2014, the album is an inventive production that bridges the elements of classic rock styles with contemporary American insight and artistic brilliance" - Glitter and Stilettos

"You'll have a hard time not tapping your feet as the album progresses through transitional stages of heavy blues explosion, and rock sensibility, without losing that pop sound at times.The sum of the parts work well, and if you were to take away one element, you would still have a strong alternative record, but when you tie in all the pieces, you get something outstanding, and that's what makes this a must have...If you see their names on the marquee, you better get a ticket, because this will most likely translate well into a live performance."- Sell Out Records

"There is no best way to describe the music of Whiskey N' Rye as they have such a unique and fresh sound that fuses elements of country and rock with some blues and alternative, making it impossible to pin down in one confined musical sphere...I really don't know if this album could be any better." - Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

"You are all phenomenal!!! I'm going to love playing your music!!" -DJ Skys, Indie Showcase Radio

"I love what Whiskey N' Rye is doing style wise. AMAZING stuff!" - Taxi


Peace out Seattle. Hello Vegas!

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The Whiskeys!  (9.18.15)


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Philip, Carson, Alex, Marco, & Greg.


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