Trash Dogs

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Originally started by brothers Matt and Jonny Wade as an excuse to fuse their loves of Rainier beer and honest, authentic rock and roll, Trash Dogs are reminiscent of 80’s punk rock influenced by 1970s country melodies. Volume 1, the band’s debut EP, combines raw, dynamic rock with earnest lyricism and delivery. The record opens with the frantic, brooding "Animal," and closes with the laid-back highway rock of "Babylon." Northwest Music Scene called it "...laden with enough catchy guitar hooks and straightforward, high-energy songwriting to awaken the animal in even the most skeptical, special effect-reliant listeners."

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Just some boyz & their toyz
Photos: Nikki Barron

What a great trashy month! Shout out to all the Van Eps boys, C.B. & Potts - Foothills Parkway, Zebra Cocktail Lounge, Imagine Nation Brewing, Highline Bar, Impulse Control, Post Rapture Party, Tiger Blonde for making this last run a kickass party from start to finish!

We've got some stuff in the works, stay tuned!

Tonight's your last chance to get trashy for a few months! Come on out to Highline Bar at 9 and let's throw back a couple πŸ»πŸ‘Š

photo: Chloe Angus-Tibbetts

πŸ’• Such a great time rocking with Derek again! Tomorrow 6/21 we're back home at Highline Bar with Impulse Control, Post Rapture Party, and Tiger Blonde! Impulse Control w/ Trash Dogs, Post Rapture Party, Tiger Blonde

Van Eps got em eating out of their hands down at Imagine Nation Brewing

Bozeman brought it last night... Missoula what you got? We'll be rockin with Van Eps at Imagine Nation Brewing 5-8! Come drink some tasty beers! You might even get to see a Derek Fassino cameo πŸ˜‰

Doobie wants my donut. #fortcollins, come drink some beer and listen to some rock n roll at C.B. & Potts - Foothills Parkway! Pottsfest starts at 5!

June keeps rockin and so do we! Goin on a run to Colorado and Montana with Van Eps. If you're in one of these towns, see ya there, if not, tell your friends!

6.16 - Pottsfest at The Foothills
6.17 - Van Eps / Trash Dogs
6.18 - Trash Dogs & Van Eps in Missoula!
6.21 - Impulse Control w/ Trash Dogs, Post Rapture Party, Tiger Blonde

πŸ“Έ: Chloe Angus-Tibbetts

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Jonny Wade, Matt Wade, Paul Davis


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