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Duray Seafield aka King Dray was born on the 15/11/1995 in South Africa, he was raised up in a small town called Eersterust in the eastern side of Pretoria. Yes, his real identification book name is Duray, a very unique name for a very unique artist. He is a burst of creativity with tongue twisting bars, and melodious flow, which is noted in his style and delivery. Influential from a young age, voted as the head boy during his final year of high school, stands to show that he is a natural born leader. He is a man of many talents gifted in sound engineering, rapping and singing. At first glance he would seem like a shy introvert, until you hear his music and only then will you meet King Dray.

King Dray first got captivated to pursuing music when he saw the music video “wall to wall” by Chris Brown. Coming from a musical background, it was the beginning of a flame, which burns brighter every day. His music career started with a big bang On the 31st of December 2014 when he released his debut single titled “Faded”, which ushered in the new year.

He followed the success of “Faded” with his single off his EP “Red & Black” titled “Girls” which got more than one thousand downloads within four days after being released on the 4th of March 2015. He is currently working on new projects and producing for other artists like 2J Harmonix, Dudd88, Riot and other upcoming artist.

His inspiration comes from the likes of Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, however the most influential artist behind Duray is South African born 2J Harmonix. 2J has mentored Duray to be a force to be recond with, not only in the music industry but also in the business scene. As a method of inspiring young people to empower themselves FMG was established and Duray is part of the founding members. He is currently involved in the Sound engineering, Marketing and Production departments of FMG. Motivating the youth in his neighbourhood through his music and in his actions.

His artistic style keeps on breaking set boundaries for young creative artists, paving a way for a new sound. Swift well thought out lyrics and trap beats that will leave you jumping out your seat, are a trademark of King Dray. Expect to see more strides from this young man in the near future.

Artist, Sound engineer and Musician

Listen to HOW ABOUT NOW (by KING DRAY) #np on #SoundCloud #RedandBlackmusic

"What You Want" is now available for download and streaming on these following platforms make sure you do get it and enjoy !!! 💯 💯


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"What You Want" is now available for download and streaming on these following platforms


All these bitches say they love me, tell them it’ll never work

We da focus.

Save the date people, #WhatYouWant is almost here Franklin98_SA

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King Dray

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