The Cat Rapper iAmMoshow Starring his cats Sushi, Ravioli, Tali and MegaMam!

Spending the day with my cat lady in the place where it all began BALTIMORE Maryland. Born and raised for 19 YEARS! it feels crazy to be home and see it from this prospective because I grew up in the worst parts of town. The part of town that no one wanted to visit. How do I know? Because my friends from school wasn't allowed to visit me, but I don't regret any of it or how I grew up because it made me WHO I AM TODAY! Baltimore thank you for making me THE STRONG MAN I AM! That you for giving me a prospective on life that I will never forget no matter how far I go. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!! 😸🌎❀ #FirstCatLady #TheCatRappingFamily

SERIOUS case of the MONDAYS!!! Lol 😸❀ #TheMightyMegaMam #DjRavioli #QueenSushi #TaliTheLover

Born and raised in the projects my entire life. I grew up being looked down upon. I was that kid people would see on the streets and say "that guy will never amount to be anything" I know what it's like to struggle, I've been struggling my whole life. I've been prejudge, disrespected, DISCRIMINATED against and not believed in. I never gave up, through hard work, dedication and a loving family. I was able to put myself through college and I now stand before you as THE CAT RAPPER!!! I say this because it's not WHERE you come from it's WHERE YOU'RE GOING. Never give up on yourself and always fight for what you believe in because at the end of the day it's YOU who have to live in your OWN BODY! Ps - NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! YES IM A RAPPER!! But I'm also COLLEGE EDUCATED AS WELL! Moshow AINT NO FOOL! β€πŸ˜ΌπŸ‘‘ #TheCatRapper #CatPeopleRule

Chillen with my cat lady at this wedding right meow πŸ˜Έβ€πŸ’ #FirstCatLady #TheCatRappingFamily

Shut up Ravioli and take these kisses I'm the QUEEN!!! LolπŸ˜Έβ€πŸ’‹ #QueenSushi #DjRavioli

Back when everyone was laughing at me, calling me crazy, making me feel like less of a person because I was always different, you were always there. You're the only girl that has ever LOVED ME FOR ME. You loved me BEFORE I had cats and WITH CATS. You always stood by my side and supported me and my dreams no matter what everyone said. When I was down you always had my back. I know that when you say you love me, it's always real. Thank you for always standing by me during my ups and downs. I know if I lost it all today you wouldn't care and you would be right there to pick me up. Love you ❀ #FirstCatLady #TheCatRappingFamily

Yo y'all ready for the weekend!? Because it's about to go down right meow!! ❀ #TheMightyMegaMam #DjRavioli #TaliTheLover #QueenSushi

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iAmMoshow, Sushi, MegaMam, Tali and Ravioli


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Mc Pereida, James Tribie
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