I am a fan of music and nerdery. My music will reflect it as such.

Josh Blondo is a working stiff and a fan of nerdery and music. He also plays bass in the ass-kicking metal machine: Buttafüko.

I (Josh Blondo) have been playing music in bands for half my life. I have been writing music for even longer. A lot of this writing takes place in my head and the ideas will rattle around, sometimes taking shape, getting bigger, sometimes disappearing completely. Thanks to tech, I now have a wide array of means at my disposal at almost all times to document these ideas and trap them, if you will, rather than letting so many of them get away.

I've contributed bits and pieces of music in most of the bands I've played with, but never really had a hand in anything conceptual. With this Blondo project, I plan to get these ideas realized and out there to share. It will be a fairly eclectic ride, but I will do my best to be organized about it.

How eclectic you ask? Well, a big reason why I'm working on this project is that these ideas are usually nerdy or folky or just generally don't fit with the rock or metal bands that I play with. For example, my currents plans are to start out with a chiptune-style holiday album, then a cover album, then a nerdy folk album.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Facebook threatened to unpublished my page because I'm lazy (haven't posted in a while), so... Hi!

Home On The Range (demo)

Here is a demo from the release I hope to put out this summer. I plan to do another album of songs done in the style of 8-bit video game music. This time around I'm working on songs of the old American West, such as "Home on the Range" and "Camptown Races". A demo of the 8-bit emulated track, "Home on the Range" from the forthcoming album, "Has Died of Dysentery" from Blondo due out sometime this summer of 2016.

Josh buys a ukulele.

Josh buys a ukulele.


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